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The Theme is LOVE - Maratona dles Dolomites 2017

#PoweredByRubis - Part 1


This is where it all started.....


Looking relaxed earlier on in the day 
So there we were. 6 women in a kitchen in Conwy. On a cycling weekend away. Drinking red wine. Drinking Rubis. Talking. Eating.  Sue had introduced the topic of the Maratone dles Dolomites event on the TeamGlow ( facebook page some weeks before. She had done it before.
The seed had been sown. And now, post Halloween ride and Rubis, the shoots were about to sprout. 

Shall we? 
How much is it?
€2 to enter.  
Euros? That's cheap then...When is it? 
July. It's months off. Loads of time to train. It's next year. It's ages off. 
And what EXACTLY is it?
Closed road event. In Italy. 9000 riders. Something like 33,000 entries. It's unlikely we will get in to be honest (lots of laughter)
Top up anyone? 
Yes please. It's really good this Rubis.....
We could enter as a team. And cycle for TeamGlow. (Suddenly we were all in this together) 
How long is the short route? 
55km. But it will be the hardest 55km you have ever ridden.
And the longest route?
Oh that's ok. Kilometres right?
Yes. But it's 4230m of climbing. It's a big deal.
Imaginging lots of this... 
Top up?
Go on then. One for the road (ha ha ha ha - lots of laughter)
We need to open the next bottle of Rubis. Ok everyone?
(Everyone) oh go on then, ok!!
The following day we had all entered.
Two weeks later we were all notified we had been accepted in the event. 

We then gulped. 

No time for this sort of image anymore - at all times between October and July, these saddles need ot be occupied.

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