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Child TBI claims - how we limit the stress for families

If you have decided to make a claim and you are already in touch with solicitors, then you may be feeling anxious about the journey ahead. Though the first vital steps have been taken, there is still a way to go and it can be helpful to be equipped with knowledge about what to expect.


While it is of course the welfare of your child that will be utmost in your mind, you are likely to have a host of related worries. How will you cope financially of you need to take time off work?  What if you need to pay for private treatment or support for your child; how will you manage?  Unfortunately ensuring your child gets the best care and support can give rise to a whole raft of expenses. It is important for you to know therefore that you will not necessarily have to wait until the completion of your claim to receive financial help.


Financial worries

While you are going through the legal process your solicitor should be able to help you to get various types of support, one of those being financial. This financial support could be in the shape of interim payments – payments that will be made to your family during the course of your claim and which will later be deducted from your final settlement. We also put many of our clients in touch with Nestor, a financial advice firm that, like us, works closely with the Child Brain Injury Trust. The advisors at Nestor can help you to assess and resolve financial issues. This may include conducting a benefits review to help you make sure that you are making the most of the support that is available from the Government.


Being put in touch with specialists 

Financial support is just one area that we can help you with. As a parent whose child has suffered a brain injury you may find the wealth and complexity of available information overwhelming. That is why when we represent a child and their family we put them in touch with the medical specialists that they need to see. These can include neurological physiotherapists: professionals who specialise in helping people who have trouble with movement as a result of neurological injuries, to maximise their ability for movement and to re-activate specific muscle groups. We have connections with a host of specialists due to the extensive work that we do in representing children and adults who have suffered brain injuries. It is of great value to both JMW and our client’s families to save precious time by using our resources to put them in touch with the right people.


How will I pay for all of this?

If you are making a personal injury claim you may worry about the ongoing costs of all of this specialist help. You may be concerned that if you do not win your case, you will be left worse off than when you started. Due to our no win, no fee agreement, if you were to lose your case you will not incur costs. And if you win compensation, the cost of the support that you have already received will simply be deducted from the final settlement. Furthermore, any settlement is based on the projected needs of your child throughout his or her life, so any support you have already received will be taken into account.


Is a claim just further strain?

And finally, you may be concerned that the added stress of a legal case will put your family under more strain than it can handle. Dealing with a traumatic brain injury and all the changes that it brings is stressful enough, and it is entirely understandable if you’re worried that your claim will lead to greater tension. I couldn’t possibly pretend that bringing a claim forward will be entirely stress-free, but I can say that when you deal with the right solicitors, who have expertise in this area, they will do everything possible to minimise any additional stress. That means that we will be there for you, we will conduct home visits if necessary and we will always keep you informed of the progress of your case. And as I have already mentioned, we can also help to lessen the stress from certain situations by putting you in touch with specialists (such as those formerly mentioned) whose assistance will make your life easier.


I hope that this blog has gone some way to quelling some of your concerns over claiming after your child has suffered a traumatic brain injury, but I am always happy to have a chat to explain matters further. If you wish to speak to me for free about your case or even just to ask for further information, please get in touch either by phone: 0161 828 1958   or email:  at


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