Aircraft Grounded - Drivers Attempt Take-off!

8th June 2020

Those of us who drove at all during lockdown (essential journeys only of course!) had the unique experience of motorways being virtually deserted, apart from those who believed that they had metamorphosed into autobahns without speed limits.
Perhaps the sunny weather contributed to the rush of blood to the head?
Some of the speeds recorded by police were alarming with 151mph in Yorkshire, 140 mph in Suffolk and 138mph in Northamptonshire.
The excesses were not limited to our motorways with a speed of 134mph being recorded in a 40 limit area of the A10 in North London.
It may be that the offenders thought that normal rules had ceased to apply because of the abnormal conditions - who can tell?
When the M6 toll road opened and for many years after I had clients explaining their hugely excessive speeds on the basis that it was a privately owned road, so the road traffic laws didn’t apply. An expensive misunderstanding.
Excessive speeds can result in up to six penalty points on your licence or a disqualification even if you have a clean record.
The police may consider charging you with dangerous driving which is much more serious in several ways, even carrying the risk of prison.
In cases of excess speed, you will not normally be offered a speed awareness course, the criteria for which can vary from police force to police force.
If you are charged with a high-end speeding offence or dangerous driving you need to obtain expert advice as soon as possible as we can often make a massive difference to the outcome.
To illustrate, I had a motorcyclist doing a speed of over 90mph in a 30mph limit on a flyover in London. There was substantial mitigation and I convinced the court to give him just 3 points, the minimum, rather than the lengthy ban which would have been expected.
Another motorcyclist was charged with dangerous driving for doing 130mph on a dual carriageway. I persuaded the judge that it was not a case of dangerous driving and that charge was dropped.
The safer way to proceed is slowly, but if you do get into trouble just give us a call on 0345 241 5305.

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