GDPR & Data Protection Regulation Compliance Solicitors

The specialist data protection solicitors at JMW are experts in helping businesses navigate the complexities of regulatory compliance relating to GDPR and data protection. 

With deep knowledge in this intricate area of the law and the strict regulatory demands on businesses from the ICO, our London-based lawyers will assist you in avoiding costly breaches, violations and penalties, and ensure your policies and systems are futureproof. 

For expert legal advice on GDPR and data protection regulation compliance, call JMW’s London data management team on 0203 675 7600, or fill in our online enquiry form to request a call back at your convenience.

How JMW Can Help

Our specialist data protection solicitors will help you with all elements of GDPR and data protection compliance, from compliance strategies through to the development of formal policies. 

Some of the areas in which we frequently assist businesses include: 

  • Data regulation compliance audits
  • Business obligations under GDPR and the Data Protection Act 2018
  • Data protection policies and systems 
  • The appointment of data protection officers 
  • Dealing with data breaches and ICO reports
  • Dealing with complaints and enforcement action
  • Data retention
  • Data export

We work with businesses from all professional sectors, putting emphasis on gaining a strong understanding of the internal workings of all areas of your business, as well as the strategic vision for your company.

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To speak to a member of our data regulation compliance solicitors, call us on 0203 675 7600, or fill in our online enquiry form  to arrange a callback.

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