Tier 5 (Temporary Work) Visa Applications

Tier 5 of the points-based system is designed to accommodate people coming to the UK on a temporary basis because they have a job offer from a licensed sponsor and a valid certificate of sponsorship. In most cases, you will be able to remain in the UK for a maximum period of 24 months.

We offer a complete service for Tier 5 visa applications, and can help you to establish the most suitable option based on your needs.

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How JMW Can Help

As specialists in UK immigration law, JMW can offer a full service to clients that require advice and assistance with their immigration matters. We are also able to work with companies who wish to secure a points-based system sponsor licence in order to employ applicants under a Tier 5 visa.

Our immigration lawyers will consider your circumstances and advise on the appropriate action to take to ensure a successful outcome. We will also be in regular contact with the Home Office to make sure there are no delays with your application.

We are based in the City of London, meaning we are well-positioned to assist clients both in the UK and based internationally. Our services include document checking and assistance with visa and entry clearance applications.

To find out more about the sponsor licence application process and how we can help you with it, download our Guide to Employing Overseas Workers brochure.

Types of Workers Eligible for Tier 5 Visa Applications

Currently, there are six different categories of workers under Tier 5, including:

  • Sportspeople and creative workers  - for example, an actor, director, musician, or film crew member
  • Charity workers - those who want to do unpaid voluntary work in the UK for a charity
  • Religious workers - those who want to preach or work in a religious order in the UK
  • Individuals under a government authorised exchange - for example, work experience, training, research, participating in an overseas government language programme, or joining a fellowship through an approved government authorised exchange scheme
  • Individuals under an international agreement - those who are contracted to complete work covered by international law, for example, working for a foreign government or employed as a private servant in a diplomatic household
  • Individuals covered by a youth mobility scheme - young nationals of certain countries to live and work in the UK for a maximum of 24 months. The scheme is also open to British overseas citizens, British overseas territories citizens, and British nationals. Countries under the scheme include:
  • Canada
  • Australia
  • Japan
  • New Zealand
  • Monaco
  • Hong Kong
  • Republic of Korea
  • Taiwan

Document Checking Service

If you are planning to submit your own visa application but are not fully certain that you have provided the right documents or the correct information, our Document Checking Service is an excellent opportunity to receive legal advice and identify any weaknesses or mistakes before your application is submitted.

With constantly evolving legislation and rules, our immigration team can help you navigate the often confusing maze of UK immigration law.

In addition with the ever-increasing cost of Home Office fees, a simple omission or oversight may result in your application being refused, which could have serious implications, both financially and on your chances for future settlement or applications for naturalisation as a British Citizen.

If you would like to discuss your case or arrange an appointment, contact us now.

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