Corporate Disputes Over Goods or Services

Corporate disputes over goods or services can arise when transactions do not run smoothly. If your company is involved in such a dispute, JMW Solicitors will guide you through the resulting legal issues.

Disputes regarding goods and services are frequently complex to resolve, as all parties are eager to safeguard their own interests. The commercial litigation team at JMW has significant expertise in handling these sensitive cases, meaning they can deliver the best possible outcome for you while minimising the negative impact on your business.

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How JMW Can Help

Our legal team offers legal support on a range of different types of goods and services disputes, including:

  • Late payment for goods or services
  • Refusal to pay for goods or services
  • Poor-quality workmanship
  • Defective goods
  • Deliveries being waylaid in corporate overgoods due to damaged packaging or incomplete delivery information

Whatever the circumstances, we will seek to resolve your dispute quickly and with a minimum of disruption. This may be through clarification of the legislation or business customs involved, or providing a commercial perspective on what has been agreed.

We are highly experienced in dealing with this type of dispute and will support you throughout the proceedings. Our focus will be on bringing the dispute to a satisfactory conclusion as soon as possible, which is why it is important for businesses involved in goods and services disputes to seek legal advice at the earliest opportunity.


When Do Corporate Disputes Over Goods or Services Occur?

Disputes regarding goods and services often arise when the terms of a commercial contract are not adhered to. This might involve one party failing to supply the agreed goods or services in accordance with the terms of a contract - or, at least, not being perceived to have done so by the other party.

Commercial organisations are free to draw up contracts with one another on any mutually agreed terms. However, problems often arise when these terms are either not recorded or only partially recorded in writing.

Likewise, unforeseen issues may arise due to a lack of detail in the contract, resulting in one party being accused of failing to keep its part of the deal due to ambiguities in the wording. When situations like this occur, it is important to seek expert legal assistance at the earliest opportunity to resolve the issue efficiently.

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