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If you or your business is in dispute with a professional because the service they provided fell below the expected standard or caused you loss, JMW can help to bring the dispute to a satisfactory conclusion.

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When you hire a professional to perform a service, they enter into an agreement with you that requires them to perform a task to a particular standard and within an agreed timeframe for a fee. If the professional fails to perform the agreed task to the standard that was expected, this will place them in breach of the contract.

Types of Professional Service Disputes

There are many professionals that could be accused of breaching a contract if the quality of their service is not as promised. Below we have listed the most common professions to appear in professional service dispute cases and the main reasons for dispute arising:

  1. Surveyors

    Your surveyor may have missed a serious structural defect in a property that you have bought or overvalued a property you have used a loan to pay for.

  2. Solicitors

    A solicitor may have failed to advise you regarding a major issue when you have purchased a property or may have missed the date by when you should have issued a claim.

  3. Independent Financial Advisors (IFAs)

    You may have received poor advice from an IFA in respect of an investment, pension, mortgage or tax issue, which has resulted in you or your business losing money or depleting your retirement fund.

  4. Architects

    An architect may have provided you with a defective or unworkable set of plans or designs, they may have failed to advise you on planning issues or may have failed to effectively manage a project on your behalf, leading to financial loss.

  5. Accountants

    You may have received incorrect tax advice from an accountant, been poorly advised in respect of accounting procedures or had assets valued incorrectly.

Why Choose JMW?

In claims for breach of contract against professionals, JMW’s expert solicitors will offer you professional legal advice and work with you to achieve the resolution you are looking for. This might be to recover compensation for your losses or to compel the professional to complete the service you hired them to do. 

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