Copyright is a valuable right that protects not only written materials, but also music and dramatic works, artistic works and software, to name but a few. Copyright protects materials from unauthorised copying and distribution without consent.

At JMW, our team is well versed in helping clients navigate this often-tricky and difficult to grasp area of law. We understand many people find copyright a complex issue, which is why we are on hand to provide the assistance you need.

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Protecting Work as Copyright

In the UK, there is no official registration system for protecting work as copyright. Rather, it is an automatic right that commences as soon as an original piece of work is written down or recorded.

It is important to identify what copyright may exist in materials so that it can be protected, enforced and exploited to its maximum potential. Materials in question could include anything, including:

  • Employment manuals
  • Marketing materials
  • Software programs
  • Photographs
  • Artistic designs

Why Choose JMW?

As globalisation increases and the internet continues to develop and grow, it is becoming more and more difficult to police copyright infringement, and while copyright disputes can be costly, not acting on any infringement of copyright could cause reputational damage to your business.

Our team regularly advises on all aspects of copyright and can assist you in identifying the value in your copyright and help you to protect and exploit those rights. We can help you with transferring rights to you where something has been created for you, or with licensing someone else to use your copyright material. Equally, if you have to enforce your rights, whether under a contract or not, we can help you through the process.

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