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In today’s world, information technology is vital for most (if not all) businesses. Whether this be the systems that help your business to operate, those that run production lines, or those that allow you to deal with administration more efficiently, IT agreements provide you with the peace of mind that you have a robust system delivering what you require, providing you with an effective remedy if things go wrong.

Our team has experience of advising businesses on a wide variety of IT agreements including:

  • Software development agreements
  • Software licensing and maintenance agreements
  • Cloud computing agreements (including Infrastructure as a Service and Software as a Service)
  • Hardware procurement agreements
  • App development agreements
  • Web development agreements

A well-drafted IT agreement helps to ensure that both parties know what is expected of them and that delivery obligations are clear. It helps to reduce disputes caused by a lack of common understanding of what is to be delivered.

How we can help

Our team uses its experience to ensure agreements are clear as to:

  • the standards of service and timescales required
  • tying payment to the achievement of key milestones
  • ensuring data is properly protected and secure
  • requirements for business continuity
  • the ownership of intellectual property

Equally, we work with clients to ensure the agreement has sufficient flexibility to allow for changes in business scope or technology changes, and also that on termination the business is able to continue functioning despite the loss of the IT contract.

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