Alternative Lending Structures

Traditionally banks would be the main source of cash for new business ventures, but changes in public sentiment – partly fuelled by the financial crisis – have resulted in the establishment of a range of alternative lending structures for people looking for funding.

JMW has solicitors who are experienced in this fast moving area of finance and law, and can provide up-to-date and comprehensive advice to those looking to offer an alternative lending solution, as well as those looking for an alternative to finance by a bank or venture capitalists, or even those who need to make a claim against an unscrupulous lender.

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What is alternative lending?

There are all kinds of different approaches to alternative lending – the most popular include peer-to-peer funding, such as Bank of Dave and crowd funding such as Kickstarter, and other options include more traditional solutions like co-operative societies and building societies. Alternative lending can be used by anyone and for anything – to set up a business, to buy a property, or even secure enough cash for a band to go on tour.

We can advise on any alternative lending structure but we regularly deal with the following:

Things to consider

Some alternative lending solutions need to be licensed and authorised by the Financial Services Authority, but many don’t – it really does depend on the specifics of a case.Iif you want to set up a bank or building society you will need a licence and FSA approval. For most other alternative lending structures this is unnecessary.

JMW is at the forefront of the alternative lending community and is the leading authority on alternative lending outside London, meaning we can help with any venture, from a small P2P operation to a large-scale financial institution.

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