If you are looking to create your own crowdfunding network in order to pool resources or secure funding, the expert team at JMW is here to help. We are at the forefront of this rapidly growing area of finance and law and can advise you on any type of crowdfunding to ensure your network proves a success.

To find out more about how the corporate team at JMW can help you create and run your own crowdfunding network, contact us today. Get in touch by either calling us on 0345 872 6666 or by completing our online enquiry form, which will enable us to call you back at a time convenient for you. 

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How We Work

Crowdfunding is the pooling of resources from a number of different individuals or organisations, and can be used for various purposes, including:

  • Securing funding for a new business
  • Supporting a charitable cause
  • Collecting money for an arts project

Previously, to finance a business or fund a project you may have been required to ask a few people for large sums of money. However, crowdfunding allows you to take the approach of asking lots of people for small amounts of money, therefore allowing you to reach the same goal without relying on individuals being willing to part with significant sums.

If you want to create your own crowdfunding network, we can help you meet your objective. This is an ever-expanding area and JMW's expert solicitors can provide advice on crowdfunding of all kinds.

Crowdfunding differs from peer-to-peer lending as it is not one person lending to another; rather, funds are raised through many individuals making investments of all sizes until the funding target is reached.

Those looking to set up their own crowdfunding network have plenty to consider, but with the pragmatic assistance of the solicitors at JMW, they can be sure of ticking all the relevant boxes.

Our Services

We are able to assist you with a range of matters linked to your crowdfunding efforts, including:

  • Structuring your business and becoming Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) regulated
  • Choosing which individuals can use your site
  • Brand protection and copyright infringement
  • Legal documentation and terms and conditions

Types of Crowdfunding

The primary type of crowdfunding, and the one we are concerned with here, is called 'donation' or 'reward' crowdfunding. This involves people investing because they believe in the cause and it may include rewards being given in exchange for investment. Other forms include:

  • Debt - Otherwise known as peer-to-peer lending, this involves investors receiving their money back, with interest. The returns are financial, but it also allows people to contribute towards something they believe or have an interest in
  • Equity - This involves people investing in an opportunity in exchange for equity, with money exchanged for either shares or a stake in a business or project

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To find out more about how we can assist with your crowdfunding efforts, from helping you set up your network to helping you become FCA-regulated, simply get in touch with the team today. Call us on 0345 872 6666 or complete our online enquiry form and we will give you a call back at a time convenient for you. 

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