Setting up a Social enterprise lending organisation

Alternative lending structures are not only ideal for people seeking funding for unusual projects – they can also be used by individuals who also have traditional finance options available to them but want to go down a different route.

Social enterprise lending is a growing area of finance which can be a useful way for community projects, charity ventures and other social projects to get off the ground. If you are looking to set up a social enterprise lending solution we can help.

Call us now on 0345 872 6666 and let the team here at JMW help. Outside of London our solicitors are a leading authority on social enterprise lending and we have comprehensive knowledge which we can pass on.

What is social enterprise lending?

Social enterprise lending generally refers to loans used by voluntary organisations, charities, community businesses and not-for-profits. Backers are usually investors with interests in social projects, environmentally sound projects and other similar set ups.

The Community Development Finance Association is an example of a social enterprise funding solution, and offers loans of as little as £50, right up to grants of £1 million.

How we help

We can help in all sorts of ways. Many of our clients are interested in social enterprise lending for a certain kind of cause – clean energy, education, etc. – and we can advise on how to make sure a lending scheme is set up in the best way to support this.

We can also advise on:

  • Vetting lenders and borrowers
  • Choosing causes
  • Financial protection

Talk to our team

If you want to start your own social enterprise lending company then it is vital you have the right legal advice at every step of the journey – setup a free initial consultation with a solicitor by phoning 0345 872 6666 and let us help make your venture a success.

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