LLPs – Designated Members Duties Clarified

6th July 2020 Corporate

The High Court has, in the recent case of Re A&C Restoration LLP provided some helpful guidance on the duties of designated members to LLPs and their creditors, in particular where they are insolvent.

The case involved a designated member of an insolvent LLP who was retiring using his powers to waive the LLP’s right to repayment of substantial overdrawings he had made in his deed of retirement. Following his exit the LLP went into insolvent liquidation, and an assignee of the liquidators claim decided to challenge the waiver.

Having considered the matter, the Court determined that that designated members of LLP owe the same duties to the LLP as a director does to a company. This encompasses duties under the Companies Act 2005, common law and equity. Of course these include the duty to take into account the interests of creditors where the company/LLP is insolvent.

In this context, and given the insolvency of the LLP at the time the designated member’s deed of retirement was entered into, the Court determined that the designated member had breached his fiduciary duties to the LLP on entering into it. He was, as a result, prevented from relying on it. In addition, even if the waiver had still been treated as being binding on the LLP it would have a damages claim against the designated member for the waived debt.

There is plenty of case law on the duties of directors, but as we approach the 20th anniversary of LLPs being legislated for there is very little on the duties of members. This case provides useful guidance for LLP members, creditors and liquidators.

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