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The solicitors at JMW regularly advise employers and senior employees regarding the terms and conditions of compromise agreements, and are also experienced in the drafting of agreements capable of satisfying both parties.

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Compromise agreements are required when an employer wishes to dismiss an employee without following procedures or without having a fair reason for dismissal. It is a legally binding document under the terms of which, the employee receives a specified amount of severance pay in return for their agreement that they will not pursue any future legal claims against the company.

Drafted by a specialist employment solicitor, a compromise agreement typically contains:

  • restrictions placed on the employee’s future employment;
  • the amount of financial compensation the company will pay the employee;
  • assurances made by either the employee or the employer;
  • the reference the employer will give;
  • details of what other employees will be told about the termination.

They can also can contain details of a number of other related issues; the above is merely a sample.

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