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Free Advice Line

For JMW Protect clients

We offer a free initial call on matters covered by the service to provide initial advice and recommendations. If your query is in relation to a matter outside policy cover, we will still endeavour to provide free initial advice. Thereafter, we can offer preferential rates on advice falling outside the scope of the policy.

What if I don't want to make a claim against our insurance policy after receiving free advice?

If you wish to receive standalone advice without activating a claim, we can provide a costs estimate or fixed fee quotation in some matters.

I'm not a JMW Protect client. Can I call for advice?

Yes. We will happily provide free initial advice on whether we can deal with your query, although we may have to provide an early costs estimate or fixed fee quotation for additional work.

What kinds of queries are covered?

It makes sense to call if you are in doubt. If you have insurance, your policy documents will provide guidance, but here are some examples. Call in the event of:

  • A Summons to court
  • An invitation for interview under caution
  • A raid by police / HMRC / SFO etc.
  • An employment tribunal claim or grievance
  • A recruitment process problem
  • A discrimination complaint
  • Statutory notice to disclose information to HMRC etc.
  • Enquiries raised by regulators
  • Shareholder actions
  • Concerns over self-reporting internal fraud / corruption
  • A suspected cyber-attack or fraud

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