360 degree cyber protection for your business

Cyber security threats are rapidly evolving into one of the major challenges for any commercial enterprise.  JMW Protect assists in addressing cyber security threats and offers onsite or online training as part of obtaining the cyber essentials certification which will soon become an extremely important part of protecting your business and ensuring eligibility to work within the public sector.

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  • Educate and train staff to recognise cyber threats
  • Create cyber company policy to reduce chances of suffering cyber breach
  • Attain UK government cyber essentials accreditation
  • Online training modules
  • Constantly updated to inform on the latest cyber attacks

The cyber portal allows clients to create a cyber-security policy. It gives information, training and support about ever changing cyber threats and how to defend against them.


  • Data breaches
  • Computer security failures
  • Failures and disclosure
  • Privacy policy failures
  • Website and media content liability
  • Employee privacy breach cover
  • Loss of documents and data recovery
  • Crisis management and PR costs
  • Business interruption cover

Insurance cover offered in conjunction with the services includes cyber insurance, protecting your business from cyber claims


  • Credit monitoring for all records breached
  • Identify monitoring for all records breached
  • IT forensics to trace the source of the breach
  • PCI forensic investigator
  • Call centre support services
  • Communication to affected individuals to explain and support

There is no 100% guarantee that can prevent a cyber breach. You need a safety net should the worst happen. Breach response will manage the fall out following a cyber breach. How your business responds to a breach is crucial.

Frequently Asked Questions:

  1. Can companies be punished for not having the appropriate measures in place?

    The information commissioners responsible for enforcing the UK data protection regulations. Change is coming and new EU data protection laws are set to be implemented around 2017/2018. They will be similar to existing US laws that are very strict and also carry severe penalties. Businesses will have compulsory notification of all instances of a data breach and any firm not complying will suffer fines and penalties. Any business suffering a cyber breach, unable to demonstrate that they have taken basic cyber security steps, can expect harsh treatment, compared to businesses that have embraced cyber security measures.

    Following the implementation of new EU data laws, small businesses could find themselves being hit with heavy fines and penalties following a data breach and that’s before they receive they receive claims from customers, suppliers and their own losses following a breach. It is expected that small businesses could be hit with fines of up to €1 million or 2% of worldwide turnover (whichever is the greater). Other infractions will result in other fines set out in a tiered structure. Small businesses must adapt to the change in culture surrounding data protection and cyber security.

  2. How should I respond to a cyber breach?

    Cyber breach is a unique response service which helps you manage the fall out following a cyber breach.

    “Suffering a cyber breach is not a disaster, mishandling it can be”

    Businesses will be obligated in future to notify individuals whose data may have been breached. They will also be liable to notify regulators that they have suffered a cyber breach. All of this takes time, costs and is a distraction from core business activities.

    Businesses may also not know the source of a data breach and therefore IT forensics may be required to trace the source of the breach and provide advice as how to prevent another instance. Finally, the individuals whose information has been breached will naturally be concerned. Credit monitoring and identity monitoring can keep check on individual and alert them should suspicious activity be detected. For example, a fraudulent bank loan application. All of the above can be provided under cyber insurance policy with cyber breach response service.

  3. What are the benefits of cyber insurance?

    Cyber insurance can provide a limit of indemnity (a cash benefit) to pay any claims that may be made against you by third parties. I can also provide funds to help you pay to repair and recover following a cyber breach.

    The policy will normally cover theft, loss or unauthorised disclosure of personally identifiable, non-public information. It would also extend to a client’s confidential information in your care. Cover can also extend to cyber extortion and ransom.

    Cover is also available for computer security failure. This would protect your business if a security event involved data alteration, corruption, transmission of malicious code or a denial of service attack.

    Claims may be brought against you should a data breach result in an individual’s right to privacy being breached.

    New breach notifications law will also require firms to notify of a breach and failure to notify could be result in penalties.

  4. What are the impacts of cyber breach to my business?

    A cyber breach could result in any combination of the following:-

    • Theft of intellectual property/commercially sensitive information and client lists
    • Business interruption, disruption and system downtime
    • Loss of income due to being unable to trade
    • Direct financial loss such as theft of funds or fraud
    • Third party liabilities (customers or employees) could pursue you for damages as a result of inadequate data protection
    • Fines and penalties from new powerful regulators
    • Long lasting reputational damage that can drive the customer away

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