Road Transport Law: What Our Clients Say

  1. Waste Disposal Company, Manchester

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    JMW represented us at a Public Inquiry in August 2012 to which we were called following an unsatisfactory VOSA Investigation that had identified shortcomings in our maintenance systems. Prior to the hearing, solicitors from JMW attended our premises to review our maintenance systems and make recommendations for changes to our existing systems, and additional systems that we should implement, to address the specific shortcomings that VOSA had identified and enable us to achieve current industry best practice standards.

    The shortcomings had arisen as a result of a lack of education, knowledge and understanding on our part as to what was required from us, as the holder of an Operator's Licence; however, during the preparations for the Public Inquiry, They explained our obligations under our Operator's Licence to us and made us aware of what is now expected of Operator's Licence holders by VOSA and the Traffic Commissioners.

    We were delighted with the result achieved at the Public Inquiry. The Traffic Commissioner made it clear to us that he considered the shortcomings to be of a very serious nature; however, due to the comprehensive way in which JMW prepared and presented our case and the steps that we had taken to address the shortcomings in our compliance systems (we had implemented all of JMW's recommendations ahead of the Public Inquiry), he formed the view that he could trust us to operate compliantly moving forward. We would have no hesitation in recommending JMW to anyone faced with similar issues."

    Waste Disposal Company

  2. Wholesaler, Suffolk, October 2012

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    JMW provided us with advice and assistance in connection with our application for a Restricted Goods Vehicle Operator's Licence. We had submitted our application to the Office of the Traffic Commissioner on 23 August 2012; however, following various requests for additional information, our application had still not been granted and, in October 2012, the Office of the Traffic Commissioner advised us that we had, in fact, been operating goods vehicles unlawfully, using a related company's Operator's Licence, since December 2005. Whilst we had not, at any time, prior to October 2012, been aware that we were, and had been, operating goods vehicles unlawfully, the Office of the Traffic Commissioner believed the circumstances of our case demonstrated a fundamental lack of knowledge and/or understanding on the part of our directors as to the obligations of an Operator's Licence holder and the requirements of the operator licensing regime.

    As our application had not yet been granted, and we were now aware that we could not lawfully operate goods vehicles under a related company's Operator's Licence, we were left with no alternative but to take our vehicles off the road. We therefore contacted JMW for advice as to how we should best deal with the situation to ensure that we complied with the operator licensing regime whilst, at the same time, continuing to service the transport requirements of our business.

    We were horrified to learn that we had been operating goods vehicles unlawfully; however, JMW immediately put our minds at ease. They clearly knows their stuff! She explained the complexities of the operator licensing regime, the legal position and our options to us in such way that we knew from the outset we were in safe hands! This was an incredibly anxious and uncertain time for us; JMW's support and guidance (and their understanding of not only the law but also the nature and specific needs of our business) therefore proved invaluable. JMW prepared a comprehensive written submission to the Traffic Commissioner on our behalf and, within 4 days of submitting this information to the Traffic Commissioner, our Operator's Licence had been granted in full! We were thrilled and would have absolutely no hesitation in instructing JMW again! "

    Wholesaler, Suffolk

  3. Managing Director, National Plc

    JMW are the best value for money, so why would I go anywhere else. They represent value, responsiveness, and expertise. As long as JMW continue to deliver on this they will keep my business."

    Managing Director, National Plc

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