Kernicterus Case Studies

  • More than £8 million awarded to boy with kernicterus due to failures

    Boy X, seven

    A seven-year-old boy has received more than £8 million after a failure to treat Kernicterus Bilirubinaemia following a High Court Approval Hearing.

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  • Failure to Treat Kernicterus Bilirubinaemia - £5,500,000

    Baby Wesley, Lancaster

    One of a pair of premature twins was born suffering from kernicterus bilirubinaemia. Doctors at the Lancaster Royal Infirmary failed to manage the condition correctly resulting in brain damage to the child

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  • Vasili Kalisperas’ story

    Vasili Kalisperas’ story

    Vasili Kalisperas, of Worcestershire, was born a perfectly healthy baby boy in May 2012 and just a few hours after his birth he and his mother Elena were allowed to go home. However his family’s joy turned to disbelief, sadness and anger when two days later he sustained catastrophic kernicterus brain damage.

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  • Jaudaan Bapu's Story

    Jaudaan Bapu's Story

    Jaudaan Bapu, from Preston, Lancashire, was two days old when he became jaundiced. He is now five and is acutely disabled, which could have been prevented had his jaundice been treated appropriately.

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  • Kernicterus Case Study: Dilraj Singh's Story

    Kernicterus Case Study: Dilraj Singh's Story

    As with other kernicterus children, three-year-old Dilraj Singh, of Stretford, Manchester, is profoundly affected, after his jaundice was not treated urgently enough. He cannot sit up unaided, is unable to speak and is blind.

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  • Kernicterus Case Study: Nashae Prendegast-Coote's Story

    Kernicterus Case Study: Nashae Prendegast-Coote's Story

    Three-year-old Nashae Prendegast-Coote, of Deptford, London, cannot stand or walk and has severely impaired eyesight. Nashae has kernicterus, the result of jaundice that was not treated appropriately.

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  • Baby Brain Damaged by Jaundice Errors to Receive Substantial Compensation

    Flynn, one-year-old

    Eddie Jones, head of medical negligence at JMW, won a case on behalf of one-year-old Flynn, paving the way for significant compensation to be secured to cover the cost of his care. Flynn suffered catastrophic brain damage after midwives failed to take action on his newborn jaundice.

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