Birth Injury Case Studies

  • Meningitis failures cause newborn baby to suffer severe brain damage - £4.6 million

    'Bobby', nine

    'Bobby' was left with severe cerebral palsy and very significant disabilities after meningitis failures when he was a baby led to permanent brain damage. Bobby is not expected to live beyond his teens but JMW medical negligence partner Olivia Scates secured a £4.6 million care package that will enable him to have as comfortable a life as possible.

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  • Poor maternity care - £5 million

    Huw, now 15

    Huw was left with severe and permanent brain damage after his delivery was delayed despite abnormalities with his heart rate. The cerebral palsy specialists at JMW obtained Huw £5 million in compensation to provide the care he requires.

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  • Errors at Birth Centre - £6.4 million

    Theo, eight

    Young Theo has severe cerebral palsy which has left him with very little mobility and unable to sit up unaided after his brain was staved of oxygen due to the negligence of a birth centre. JMW secured Theo a £6.4 million compensation package to provide the specialist care he requires.

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  • Maternity failures leave siblings brain damaged - £13 million

    Natasha and Patrick

    Olivia Scates, a partner in the JMW medical negligence team and a specialist in cerebral palsy cases, obtained £13 million in compensation for two siblings who were tragically both brain damaged by hospital errors.

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  • Midwife failures leave baby brain damaged - over £7 million

    Luke, eight

    Luke suffered catastrophic brain damage due to appalling failures by midwives. He was left with severe cerebral palsy and will require 24-hour care for the rest of his life. The brain injury specialists at JMW obtained over £7 million in compensation to cover the cost of this.

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  • Midwives and doctors fail to monitor baby - £10 million

    Lily, eight

    Lily was left catastrophically brain damaged after maternity failures. The cerebral palsy specialists at JMW secured her £10 million in compensation to cover the cost of the specialist care, accommodation and financial security she requires.

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  • Baby suffers catastrophic brain damage after failures cause oxygen deprivation - £10 million

    Shauna, eight

    Shauna was left with severe cerebral palsy and requires 24-hour care for the rest of her life after maternity failures. Our specialist cerebral palsy team secured her compensation totalling £10 million to provide her with financial security.

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  • Severe cerebral palsy caused by maternity failures - £8.8 million

    Sam, 10

    The specialist cerebral palsy solicitors at JMW secured a compensation settlement of £8.8 million for 'Sam' after maternity failures left him needing round-the-clock care.

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  • More than £8 million awarded to boy with kernicterus due to failures

    Boy X, seven

    A seven-year-old boy has received more than £8 million after a failure to treat Kernicterus Bilirubinaemia following a High Court Approval Hearing.

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  • Poor jaundice care - £4.5 million

    Harvey, eight

    Harvey suffered devastating brain damage as a newborn baby after a community midwife failed to take action on his newborn jaundice. He was left with cerebral palsy and will never be able to live independently or hold down a job. The specialist solicitors at JMW secured £4.5 million in compensation to help Harvey to cope with his disabilities.

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  • Baby Brain Damaged by Jaundice Errors to Receive Substantial Compensation

    Flynn, one-year-old

    Eddie Jones, head of medical negligence at JMW, won a case on behalf of one-year-old Flynn, paving the way for significant compensation to be secured to cover the cost of his care. Flynn suffered catastrophic brain damage after midwives failed to take action on his newborn jaundice.

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  • Vasili Kalisperas’ story

    Vasili Kalisperas’ story

    Vasili Kalisperas, of Worcestershire, was born a perfectly healthy baby boy in May 2012 and just a few hours after his birth he and his mother Elena were allowed to go home. However his family’s joy turned to disbelief, sadness and anger when two days later he sustained catastrophic kernicterus brain damage.

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  • Poor maternity care - £5.9 million

    Heather, nine

    Heather was starved of oxygen at birth and as a result suffers from cerebral palsy. JMW were able to negotiate a settlement on her behalf which will help her live as normal a life as possible.

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  • Delayed delivery - £6.22 million

    Harry, 10

    Harry was left with cerebral palsy in all four limbs, learning difficulties and behavioural problems due to the negligence of midwives. Eddie Jones, one of the cerebral palsy legal experts at JMW Solicitors, obtained him £6.22 million in compensation.

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  • Failure to treat infection - £4.8 million

    Hannah, 14

    Hannah was left with severe cerebral palsy after a maternity unit failed to treat her respiratory illness effectively. The expert lawyers at JMW Solicitors negotiated a £4.8 million compensation package to fund her future care.

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  • Failure to monitor blood sugar levels - £5 million

    Alfie, six

    Alfie was left with severe cerebral palsy, epilepsy and learning difficulties after midwives failed to adequately monitor his blood sugar levels following his birth.

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  • Failure to Give Epidural - £17,500

    Louise, 30, of Essex suffered psychological scars from childbirth and now no longer wants further children after a delay in giving her an epidural during an extremely painful birth.

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  • Kernicterus Case Study: Nashae Prendegast-Coote's Story

    Kernicterus Case Study: Nashae Prendegast-Coote's Story

    Three-year-old Nashae Prendegast-Coote, of Deptford, London, cannot stand or walk and has severely impaired eyesight. Nashae has kernicterus, the result of jaundice that was not treated appropriately.

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  • Kernicterus Case Study: Dilraj Singh's Story

    Kernicterus Case Study: Dilraj Singh's Story

    As with other kernicterus children, three-year-old Dilraj Singh, of Stretford, Manchester, is profoundly affected, after his jaundice was not treated urgently enough. He cannot sit up unaided, is unable to speak and is blind.

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  • Jaudaan Bapu's Story

    Jaudaan Bapu's Story

    Jaudaan Bapu, from Preston, Lancashire, was two days old when he became jaundiced. He is now five and is acutely disabled, which could have been prevented had his jaundice been treated appropriately.

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  • Death Caused by Severe Brain Damage at Birth - £150,000

    Charlie Aged 2, £150,000

    Charlie died at the age of 2 having suffered all his life with cerebral palsy contracted because of mistakes when he was born.

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  • Oxygen deprivation at birth - £6.56 million

    Boy R: £6.56 million

    Seven-year-old boy R was left brain damaged after he was starved of oxygen at birth, when doctors at failed to recognise he was in serious danger and delayed his delivery. Eddie Jones helped the boy's mother to secure £6.56 million in compensation, ensuring the financial toll of the special needs he will have for the rest of his life are taken care of.

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  • Failure to Treat Kernicterus Bilirubinaemia - £5,500,000

    Baby Wesley, Lancaster

    One of a pair of premature twins was born suffering from kernicterus bilirubinaemia. Doctors at the Lancaster Royal Infirmary failed to manage the condition correctly resulting in brain damage to the child

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  • Shoulder Dystocia - Large Settlement

    When Baby Owen was born at the local NHS maternity unit, no problems had been anticipated with the delivery. His mother was admitted a few days before the expected delivery date as she had gone into labour.

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  • Lack of Blood Supply - £5 million

    John’s mother had had a normal pregnancy when she was admitted to hospital in 1974 for induction of labour when she one week overdue. Her membranes where ruptured and clear amniotic fluid was released, this suggests that John was not in distress at this stage.

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  • Birth Asphyxia - £3,500,000

    Joseph’s mother realised that she was pregnant in January and was referred by her GP to the hospital for her ante-natal care. Ten days after the expected date of delivery had passed Joseph’s mother was admitted to the hospital for induction of labour.

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