Taking the Heat for Rainbow House

25th October 2018 Clinical Negligence

On Saturday 6 October 2018, Kathryn Dyson, Sarah Wilkinson, Hannah Madkour and I took part in a ‘fire walk’ to raise much-needed funds for children’s disability charity Rainbow House, which the JMW clinical negligence team has supported for several years.

We arrived at the venue for 4:30pm to find the fire walking company finishing preparations for the challenge ahead within a fenced off area. Twenty buckets of water casually lined the perimeter. After deciding that backing out wasn’t an option, we headed inside to register and meet our fellow firewalkers, before being ushered upstairs to a private room. It was there that we were introduced to Karen Stirling of ‘Blue Peter’ fame, and the world’s only fulltime female fire walking instructor.

For the next two hours we engaged in a session where we learnt the secrets of fire walking and focussed on ensuring that we were in the right frame of mind. We headed back outside at 6:30pm to watch the path being ignited. After exchanging nervous laughter and taking a few photos, we headed back inside to perfect our walk.

At 7:30pm the death knell was sounded, and we were led back outside for the final time. The sun had now set, and we were faced with a 20ft path of glowing red-hot embers, shimmering in the dark like molten glass. Karen casually informed us that the embers were burning at 1,236 degrees Farenheit (that’s 668 degrees Celsius!)

We removed our shoes and socks and formed an orderly queue, and with ‘Disco Inferno’ playing from a set of speakers we proceeded across the embers.. twice!

Everyone completed the fire walk without having to use the buckets of water, and with a newfound sense of pride and courage. Ultimately, however, our feat was relatively minor compared to the challenge that the parents of disabled children face on a daily basis. That is why the assistance that Rainbow House provides is so important.

Rainbow House is a Lancashire based charity which provides support for children and young people with neurological and physical disabilities. Support primarily takes the form of promoting independence through rehabilitation and providing conductive education in a fun and relaxed environment. As the JMW clinical negligence team works with many children with neurological conditions and other disabilities we understand the difference this type of therapy can make to their lives and help them to achieve many different milestones.

If you would like to make a donation, you can do so either through our JustGiving page.



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