Cancer Negligence Case Studies

  • Misdiagnosis of Giant Cell tumour - £175,000

    Ronnie, 42 years old, Sussex

    Ronnie, a tree surgeon, suffered an innocuous fall whilst working on a fence, injuring his shoulder.

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  • Cervical cancer screening errors lead to hysterectomy - £55,000

    Angharad Hughes, one of JMW's specialist medical negligence solicitors, obtained £55,000 in compensation for a 32-year-old woman who had to have a hysterectomy after signs of cervical cancer were missed by a hospital.

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  • Delayed Treatment of Cancer - £3,000

    Caroline's series of errors resulted in delayed treatment of cancer.

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  • Death of mother after delayed diagnosis of breast cancer - £300,000

    Pauline tragically died after appalling errors meant her breast cancer went undiagnosed. Although nothing could make up their loss, JMW's Sally Leonards secured Pauline's family £300,000 in compensation for their pain and suffering.

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  • Bladder Cancer - Mismanaged Treatment - £17,500

    Walter, 73 years old

    Walter was diagnosed with bladder cancer following an ultrasound scan. Unfortunately, there was a mix-up at the hospital surrounding his appointments for treatment and the cancer was not dealt with in time.

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  • Breast Cancer - £90,000

    Linda, 42 years old, London

    When Linda was 42 years old she found a small lump in her left breast and was referred to hospital. The lump was removed and found to be a fibroadenoma (non cancerous).

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  • Lung Cancer - Missed Diagnosis - £25,000

    Andy, 50 years old, Southport

    Andy was 50 years old when he had a heart attack and was admitted to hospital. The report of the chest X-ray noted a shadow on the lung which was suggestive of cancer and it was recommended that Andy have an urgent CT scan.

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  • Liver Cancer Transplant

    Andrew, 40 years old, Bolton

    Andrew was first investigated at his local Hospital for abdominal pain. Hepatitis C (contracted abroad) was diagnosed following a liver biopsy. JMW Solicitors successfully claim £50,000 for clinical negligence

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  • Breast Cancer: Negligent Treatment - £15,000

    Margaret, 58 years old, Liverpool

    Margaret had a longstanding history of benign breast disease consisting of recurrent lumps in both breasts and breast pain. She was seen at a Breast Clinic at her local hospital for almost twenty years with these symptoms.

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  • Lung Cancer - £32,000

    Len, 61 years old, Leicester

    Len was a life-long cigar smoker. He also worked in a very dusty environment and from the age of 50 suffered from asthma and frequently recurring chest infections, particularly in the winter.

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  • Negligent Treatment of Cervical Cancer - £175,000

    Caroline, 51 years old, Rochdale

    Caroline first consulted her GP with irregular periods when she was 29 years old. Over the following 10 years she had 3 cervical smears, all of which were reported as negative.

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  • Breast Cancer - £15,100

    Glenice, 57 years old, Calderdale

    Glenice, a Lollypop lady, attended her GP when she noticed a lump in her right breast. She had previously had a benign breast lump removed. Other than, she was generally fit and well. She was referred to hospital and seen 4 weeks later. Glenice recalls having a mammogram and the doctor then suggested an ultrasound scan of the breast and a core biopsy.

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  • Endometrial Cancer - £19,000

    Sue, 71 years old, Manchester

    After complaining of vaginal bleeding, Sue underwent a hysteroscopy to remove a uterine polyp. She had previously had a number of similar polyps successfully removed by D&C.

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  • Breast Cancer - £22,000

    Jane, 48 years old, Macclesfield

    When Jane was 42 years old she noticed a lump in her left breast. She was seen by her GP who referred her to her local Hospital.

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