Case study: boy starved of oxygen at birth - £6.56 million

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JMW's clinical negligence team helped a mother secure £6.5 million compensation following doctors decision making resulted in learning difficulties, behavioural issues and mobility issues for her child.

Mrs T was accompanied by her solicitor Eddie Jones, of JMW’s clinical negligence team, as her claim for compensation was approved by a High Court judge, allowing her to ensure the seven-year-old is properly taken care of.

Mrs T’s ordeal began in 2004 when she was pregnant with her third child, R. After noticing that the baby had stopped moving at 33 weeks, she took herself to hospital to be checked out.

Doctor’s failings

However doctors at the hospital failed to recognise that the baby was in serious danger, and allowed his condition to deteriorate overnight, before finally taking the decision to deliver him by caesarean section.

The delay caused R’s brain to be deprived of oxygen, which could have been avoided had doctors at the hospital picked up on abnormal test results on the boy.

The effects have been devastating for R, who has learning difficulties and behavioural problems, as well as mobility issues, which mean he needs to use a wheelchair.

Long-term damage

While he will never be able to lead a full and normal life, the compensation that Mrs T secured with the help of Eddie Jones, Head of Medical Negligence at JMW Solicitors, will pay for the special care he will require for the rest of his life.

Mr Jones commented: “While no amount of money will ever make up for depriving this child of his right to a normal life, we are pleased that we were able to secure a settlement that means the financial toll of looking after him is taken care of.

“Cases such as this can prove to be very stressful for the family involved. However, now that it has come to an end, and with such a successful outcome, they can begin to move on with their lives and make R’s future their number one priority.”

Has your family suffered in a similar way?

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