Fatal Negligence Case Studies

  • Suicide After Gross Negligence - £25,000

    Donna committed suicide while she was an in-patient at a mental health crisis facility after staff failed to monitor her as they ought to have done.

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  • Failure to Treat Effects of Medication

    LT, 36 years old, Manchester

    LT was found on Saturday morning by his mother having fallen out of bend in a semi-conscious state, having apparently suffered from the effects of a seizure. He was taken to hospital via ambulance.

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  • Hospital Failures Lead to Neonatal Death - £30,000

    Wendy, 33 years old

    Wendy was 2 weeks past her due date when she was admitted to hospital for induction of labour. It was her first child. Wendy was traumatised by both the emergency delivery and the subsequent death of her baby and irrationally blamed herself for not protecting him from harm.

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  • Negligent Care Leads to Neonatal Death - £50,000

    Harriet, 29 years old

    Harriet was 12 days overdue when she was admitted to hospital in labour. The baby was born in extremely poor condition with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly round her neck, after 6 days intensive care support was withdrawn and she sadly passed away.

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  • Negligent Infant Death - £100,000

    Annabelle, 10 months old

    Annabelle was born following an uncomplicated pregnancy. At the delivery her mother Linda, developed protein in her urine, with elevated blood pressure. Linda was induced and Annabelle was born by a Ventouse delivery.

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  • Poor Standard of Care Leads to Ongoing Health Issues - £108,000

    Lynda, 62 years old

    Lynda had been otherwise well before she first attended her GP suffering from shortness of breath, with palpitations. She had a chest X-ray and ECG but no abnormalities were detected.

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