Neonatal Claim Success Stories

  • Cerebral palsy caused by failure to treat jaundice in newborn - £19 million

    'Max', nine

    'Max' suffered severe brain damage after community midwives failed to adequately monitor his newborn jaundice and refer him to hospital for timely treatment. Eddie Jones, head of medical negligence at JMW, who specialises in such cases secured Max £19 million in compensation to provide the 24-hour care, specialist housing and financial security he requires.

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  • Baby Damaged by Hypoglycaemia - £4.5 million

    Richard was born was premature (at 36 weeks) and his weight was very low. Nevertheless he was well and was transferred to the ward with his mother. On the day he was born Richard had his blood sugar levels checked and the result was normal. The next day Richard was again checked and found to have a normal blood sugar level.

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  • Baby left profoundly deaf due to hospital errors - £1 million

    'Daisy' was left profoundly deaf after hospital staff mismanaged her newborn jaundice and she suffered permanent nerve damage. Sally Leonards, a partner in JMW's specialist medical negligence team, secured £1 million in compensation for Daisy so she could cope with her disability.

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  • Failure to treat infection - £4.8 million

    Hannah, 14

    Hannah was left with severe cerebral palsy after a maternity unit failed to treat her respiratory illness effectively. The expert lawyers at JMW Solicitors negotiated a £4.8 million compensation package to fund her future care.

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  • Baby Heart Condition - £10,000

    Baby Joseph

    Joseph suffered from a heart problem on being born unfortunately, this wasn't picked up by hospital staff and as a result he needed emergency treatment to resuscitate him.

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  • Hospital Failures Lead to Neonatal Death - £30,000

    Wendy, 33 years old

    Wendy was 2 weeks past her due date when she was admitted to hospital for induction of labour. It was her first child. Wendy was traumatised by both the emergency delivery and the subsequent death of her baby and irrationally blamed herself for not protecting him from harm.

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  • Negligent Care Leads to Neonatal Death - £50,000

    Harriet, 29 years old

    Harriet was 12 days overdue when she was admitted to hospital in labour. The baby was born in extremely poor condition with the umbilical cord wrapped tightly round her neck, after 6 days intensive care support was withdrawn and she sadly passed away.

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  • Finger Amputation Following Development of Avascular Necrosis - £282,000

    Baby Drew, Burnley

    Drew was born 12 weeks premature and was of a low birth weight. He subsequently developed respiratory distress syndrome and was ventilated from 8 minutes of age.

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