Case study: nerve damage caused by anaesthetic blunders - £61,000 compensation

JMW has secured £61,000 compensation for a man who was left with severe nerve damage due to anaesthetic blunders by medical professionals.

Sixty-year-old Harry from Cheltenham had always led an active lifestyle, however, after he suffered nerve damage to his right hand during a routine surgery on his knees he now struggles with the pursuits he once enjoyed. 

Harry’s problems began when he was in his late 50s when he began to experience pain in his knees that was affecting many of his sporting endeavours. In 2010 he attended an outpatients appointment with an orthopaedic surgeon. The surgeon recommended an investigative procedure to get to the bottom of Harry’s issue, which revealed that he required a full knee replacement on his right knee and a partial knee replacement on his left knee. 

Numbness following knee surgery

About a month later Harry underwent the operation on his knee caps under a general anaesthetic. Shortly after the procedure, he realised that he had no feeling in the right-hand side of his right hand, as well as two of the fingers. Harry found he had no real grip and his movement in the limb was restricted. Hospital doctors reassured him that his hand would soon recover in the next few days.

A couple of weeks later Harry had a follow-up appointment with the surgeon who had performed the knee operation, who was surprised to hear of his hand problems and told him that it could be something to do with the anaesthetist. Harry was referred to a neurologist who advised that he had suffered nerve damage and would require further surgery.

Nerve damage diagnosis and further surgery

Harry underwent decompression surgery on his hand, which somewhat improved his problems but he has still been left with reduced dexterity and movement. Harry continues to suffer from pain, reduced grip strength and he is unable to straighten his arm properly. 

It transpired that the nerve damage had been caused because the anaesthetist who attached the anaesthetic drip to Harry’s arm during the knee surgery had not performed the procedure correctly and had failed to appropriately pad the arm which had damaged the nerves.

The hospital trust admitted negligence and compensation totalling £61,000 was secured for Harry by Nick Young, one of JMW’s specialist solicitors. 

Have you suffered nerve damage due to a negligent anaesthetist?

If you have suffered nerve damage after an operation, and negligent treatment by anybody involved is to blame, you could be entitled to compensation. Find out more about making a claim on 0800 054 6512 or complete our online enquiry form.

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