‘Laura’, 46

Bryony Doyle, a specialist medical negligence solicitor at JMW, represented a lady in a legal battle over a negligently performed hysterectomy which led to urinary incontinence and the need for further surgery. Bryony was able to support and obtain answers for Laura and secured her £70,000 in compensation.

Failure to identify and repair damage to the ureter

Laura suffered from severe pelvic and abdominal pain, heavy periods and bloating. She was diagnosed with pelvic inflammatory disease and would regularly experience unbearable pain, which would not ease with pain killers. Laura underwent an ultrasound scan to investigate her symptoms and made the decision to undergo a hysterectomy having exhausted all other options to treat her ongoing symptoms.

On the day of her operation, Laura was advised that she would receive keyhole surgery to reduce the risk of infection and give her a better recovery time. She later found out after her operation that she had needed open surgery due to heavy bleeding that occurred.

During her hysterectomy Laura suffered an injury to one of the ureters, a tube that takes urine from the kidneys to the bladder. Although this is a recognised complication, the hospital failed to identify and repair the injury at the time. Laura went on to experience urinary incontinence and required further treatment which included the insertion of an artificial tube through her back to her kidneys to drain urine and surgery to her damaged ureter. Despite this, Laura has been left with ongoing symptoms including urge incontinence.

Successful medical negligence case

Laura was put in touch with the specialist medical negligence team at JMW and her case was taken on by Bryony Doyle.

Bryony claimed that the trust had negligently failed to identify the damage caused to Laura’s ureter which would have led to immediate treatment.

There was a significant delay from the trust responding to the allegations, however, Bryony was able to provide evidence that Laura’s injury would have been treated immediately and she would have avoided the further treatment she later went onto receive.

Bryony negotiated a settlement of £70,000 for Laura, which included compensation for the psychological impact of her injury.





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