Cauda Equina Syndrome Association launches with JMW backing 


The launch of an association set up to help people who have been affected by a serious spinal condition which needs urgent treatment or can have devastating consequences took place in Manchester last week.

Cauda Equina Syndrome Association (CESA) was established by Claire Kellett, herself a sufferer, with the backing of specialist spinal injury team at law firm JMW.

CESA aims to raise awareness of cauda equina syndrome (CES), promote the need for good medical care, and support people who have had their lives destroyed by the condition.

Claire commented: “The launch of CESA was a chance for us to explain what our aims are and for other sufferers to tell us what services they would like us to offer. 

“We are committed to ensuring CES recognition and care improves across the NHS and to working with medical professionals so that they are alert to the warning signs and understand why fast treatment is so crucial. 

“I know only too well the catastrophic impact CES can have. I used to run my own business and have a normal life but all that was taken away from me due to basic failures in care that should never happen. It’s too late for me but not for others and preventing other tragedies is one of my main goals for CESA.” 

Eddie Jones, head of medical negligence at JMW, was invited to join the board of CESA due to his extensive experience of the poor medical care that can lead to permanent CES. When the red flag signs of CES first strike victims need to receive fast and adequate treatment or they can be left permanently incontinent, disabled and with no sexual function.

At the launch event, which took place at JMW’s office in Spinningfields, Manchester, Eddie talked to sufferers about the failures in care he has seen time and time again and how his clients’ permanent problems could have been avoided.

Eddie commented: “When sufferers first contact me they have quite often only just been diagnosed with permanent CES and are in a state of shock that this is how their life will be from now on. 

“They may feel that something went wrong with their care and are looking for answers and for someone to admit that the right action wasn’t taken. It’s only later when they are told what care requirements they will have that they realise just how vital compensation is going to be to their future.

“However CES cases are usually very hard-fought by the healthcare body responsible so it is vital that anyone who finds themselves in this situation consults a specialist solicitor who can guide them through this challenging time.”

Attendees at the launch event also heard a talk from Alan Wibberley of Wyvern Architects about disabled facilities grants.

As well as its dedicated website which will be a great resource for both sufferers and the medical profession, Claire is also operating a helpline for sufferers to get advice. The number for the helpline is 03335 777 113. Ends

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