Mis-diagnosis of Cauda Equina despite attending A&E

Compensation: £425,000

Michael, 38, Plymouth 

JMW has secured £425,000.00 in compensation for a man who was sent home from A+E despite suffering from the disabling condition of Cauda Equina Syndrome.

Michael injured his back whilst moving items from his boot of his car and over the next few weeks began to experience some numbness in his lower legs and feet. He became concerned and went to see an out-of-hours GP who diagnosed  sciatica.

About a week later Michael took himself to the A+E Department of his local hospital where he told the A+E Doctor about a new set of symptoms which included numbness to his saddle area and difficulties in passing urine.  He was told that he was probably suffering from pudendal neuralgia, a condition which sometimes afflicts professional cyclists. 

It was not until over a week and a half later that Michael was finally diagnosed with Cauda Equina Syndrome, for which he underwent surgery.

Michael was left with neuropathic pain to his left leg, impaired bladder function and bowel function.

The case settled and Michael received a total of £425,000.00 in compensation.

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