Negligent spinal surgery and after care causes bowel and bladder problems - £145,000

‘Gordon’, aged 68

Steven Brown, a partner in JMW’s specialist medical negligence team represented ‘Gordon’ in a legal battle after negligent spinal surgery caused him pain and distress and permanent bladder and bowel problems. Steven secured £145,000 in compensation for Gordon to cover the cost of the financial fall-out from his ordeal.

Worrying post-op symptoms

Gordon’s back problems began when he fell on his stairs at home and immediately suffered severe pain which radiated to the back of his right leg. After three visits to his GP and with worsening pain he was referred to the spinal assessment team at a local hospital.

Gordon was referred to a physiotherapist who examined him and suspected that he had suffered a disc prolapse and advised that he required an MRI scan.

The MRI scan was carried out and Gordon was seen by a private orthopaedic surgeon who explained that the scan showed a disc in his spine had slipped out of place and he may require surgery.

Initially, Gordon opted for a less invasive treatment option of an epidural injection. However his symptoms returned so Gordon was put forward for surgery to reduce the compression caused by the prolapsed disc.

After waking from surgery Gordon found he had numbness in his left leg and perineal area, and was unable to pass urine. He has also developed significant pain in his leg.

Successful medical negligence case

JMW’s Steven Brown claimed on Gordon’s behalf that the clinicians failed to appreciate the significance of Gordon’s worrying post-operative symptoms and that an urgent scan was required. He alleged that a scan would have revealed pressure on the nerves at the base of his spine and therefore he would have received emergency surgery. Instead, he was discharged several days later.

Gordon contended that, as a result of the alleged delay, he was left with pain to the left leg with weakness and numbness, bladder and bowel dysfunction and perineal numbness, and that as a result of his symptoms he had to retire from work earlier than he had planned.

Although nothing could turn back the clock, after being put in touch with JMW Gordon received £145,000 to compensate him for the consequences of the alleged failure to carry out emergency surgery.

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