Medical Negligence Client Testimonials

  1. Sally Leonards thanked for her dedication to cauda equina syndrome client

    Sally Leonards thanked for her dedication to cauda equina syndrome client

    Sally Leonards, a partner in the JMW medical negligence team, has been thanked by a family for her support and dedication during a cauda equina syndrome claim. 

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    "Just quickly wanted to thank you, we have just received the letter confirmation that X's case is officially closed.  As we have previously said we both cannot thank you and Nick enough.

    "Your support and dedication towards both of us was amazing. To always feel like we could pick up the phone and call anytime and have reassurance from you both was what got us both through the hardest time of our lives. Although X has cauda equina syndrome and will do for the rest of his life, it no longer dictates his life and he has learnt to live with his disability.

    "Your commitment to our case made us feel like we mattered. Your compassion for us as a family was so lovely and thank you from the bottom of our hearts you are truly the best!! I could go on for ever about how good you truly are."


    Mrs K, Merseyside


  2. Eddie Jones praised by family of boy with brain damage due to jaundice failures

    Eddie Jones, head of medical negligence at JMW, has been praised by the family of a boy with brain damage due to poor care for his newborn jaundice. Eddie has won the family's case after the hospital trust responsible denied any wrong-doing for years:


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    "In September 2013, our son was born. Shortly after he developed extremely severe jaundice which was inadequately monitored and managed. As a result A has permanent brain damage resulting in hearing loss, cerebral palsy and developmental delay. 

    "For the last three years, Eddie Jones has been at our side fighting tirelessly against the NHS trust in question. We found Eddie to be thorough, meticulous and leaving no stone unturned, considering A's case from every angle. His advice had been sound throughout and we have had the privilege of his extensive experience which we trust in full. It has been a difficult period for us emotionally yet Eddie has been considerate and sensitive to this throughout. 

    "The defendant delayed, prevaricated and failed to an early admission of liability despite serious failings which it admitted to in its own root cause analysis. The defendant failed to abide to the pre-action protocol with very late responses and further denials of liability. Only after Eddie's persistence, constant chasing and continued pressure by filing court proceedings has there been a full admission of liability. 

    "Our son's financial future is now secured and this in turn will provide the much needed educational and therapeutic support so he can reach his full potential and lead a fulfilling life. You have no idea how much of a relief that is to us as his parents and how grateful we are.

    "So on behalf of our son, thank you." 




  3. Eddie Jones praised as compassionate and sympathetic

    Eddie Jones praised as compassionate and sympathetic

    Eddie Jones has the following feedback from our client JA following a successful £600,000 settlement for Cauda Equina Syndrome:

    'It is almost 6 years since I first heard the words Cauda Equina Syndrome. 6 years since my life changed forever. That tragic day is burned in my memory and the days since have been some of the most difficult of my life. 


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    After 18 months of hoping I would get better, I finally realised that I was as good as I was ever going to be. The future seemed bleak and terrifying. I got angry and frustrated, particularly when research seemed to show that it didn't have to be that way. The more I researched the more I realised that I had been treated negligently by the NHS. In one of my more angry moments, I decided to sue. JMW Solicitors were recommended to be by a previous client who I met through a Cauda Equina Syndrome support group. I dropped them a very garbled email and was contacted almost immediately by Eddie Jones.

    From the very first time I spoke to Eddie, I felt I had found a sympathetic and compassionate ear. He was patient and explained every step of the process in a detailed manner that was understandable to someone who had no experience of medical or legal processes. At times I felt he understood my condition better than anyone I knew, so extensive was his knowledge. He was honest and fair.

    That angry email was about 5 years ago and today, Eddie Jones and my barrister Sally Hatfield just secured me a life-changing compensation award. I can't even begin to process how much this is going to impact on my quality of life, but I know I am going to find the trials of living with the effects of this damned condition less traumatic than previously.

    I will never be able to put into words the debt of gratitude I owe to Eddie for the hours he has put into my case and the dedication he has demonstrated at every step of the way. I have had emails from him at ungodly hours of the night and telephone calls way into the evening when he should, by all accounts, be at home with his family. He is the consummate professional and I cannot recommend him more highly. Thank you Eddie!'

  4. Liz Davies thanked for speed and efficiency

    Liz Davies thanked for speed and efficiency

    'Well done to you, your negotiation skills are second to none.’

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    ‘Once again I would like to thank you for the speed with which you have expedited this claim.  You have only been involved for a short while but you have moved things along so quickly and smoothly.

    'It means such a lot to me that this has now been settled, I can put it behind me now and move forward.

    Your involvement has been very much appreciated.’


  5. Client praises whole team

    Client praises whole team

    Sally Leonards received lovely feedback from her clients Kirsty and Stephen: "Wow Sally what can we say thank you again so much this is fantastic news and no we feel we can finally move forward. Again Sally you, Nick and the whole team have been amazing and we can not recommend you enough.

    There was times we thought caude equina may break us but it never and of all the horrible stories Stephens is positive he accepts caude equina is part of his life, but it's not his whole life. And that is partly down to you Sally you got us through the hardest worst part of our lives. Thank you Sally."


  6. JMW thanked for compassion on cerebral palsy claim

    JMW thanked for compassion on cerebral palsy claim

    "I'd like to recommend JMW solicitors as they dealt with my son’s claim. They were nothing but professional, compassionate and understanding. 

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    "I wouldn't hesitate to suggest that you give them a try if you are considering a medical negligence claim. The compensation we received will enable my son to live the life he deserves and have the care and equipment if and when he needs it. It also gives the rest of his family peace of mind about his future.”

  7. Facebook comment praises Nick Young

    With thanks to Elaine Bradburn who sent in feedback via our Facebook page for Nick Young. Elaine commented:

    "I can't thank Nick and his team enough for recently settling a claim for me against the hospital...

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    "It has taken quite a while but they kept me informed at every stage, were always professional, positive and took over control of everything so that I didn't need to do anything. Thanks again to you all, I wouldn't hesitate in recommending JMW." 

  8. Nothing was too much trouble for you

    Nothing was too much trouble for you

    Testimonial for JMW clinical negligence partner Sally Leonards

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    "Over the past five years, Sally has kept us fully informed on the progress of the case and we have been guided through all the many and various formalities, maintaining a steady momentum. It appeared to us that nothing seemed too much trouble for Sally, who has been patient with both the defendant solicitors and ourselves. Her original positive remarks proved ultimately to be correct as an appropriate settlement was eventually agreed."

    Mr D, Guildford

  9. Sophie Fox's client is 'very grateful'

    Sophie Fox's client is 'very grateful'

    " I would like to thank you very much for everything you have done to achieve the settlement. It has been a lengthy and difficult process, but we are happy with the result and very grateful for all your hard work.” JS

  10. You worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible settlement

    You worked tirelessly to achieve the best possible settlement

    Testimonial for JMW clinical negligence partner Olivia Scates

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    "Olivia and the rest of the JMW legal team worked tirelessly on my case to secure the best possible settlement for me. My case was very emotionally draining for me and my family and Olivia was there every step of the way to support us and explain the process. Only in hindsight do I appreciate how vital your work was. My settlement has allowed me to live independently on my own terms without the constant engaging of outside funding bodies that quibble over how much support I need. The process of undertaking a case like this should not be underestimated in terms of the demands it places on you and your family but I found JMW to be excellent in their work on my behalf. The settlement has provided me with unparalleled security to live my life on my terms and pursue my career as a writer."

    Mr B, Coventry

  11. You were fantastic

    Testimonial for head of clinical negligence Eddie Jones 

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    "Regardless of the fact that my case was successful, Eddie Jones has been fantastic! They were personable throughout and able to listen when I needed to vent. "


    Mr A, Bath

  12. Thanks for your help, support and the amazing outcome

    Thanks for your help, support and the amazing outcome

    Testimonial for the JMW Clinical Negligence department

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    "I just wanted to express my sincere thanks for your help, support and amazing outcome for my clinical negligence claim. "There were lots of companies on the internet and I am so glad I chose JMW as it was all made clear, simple and straightforward."

    Mrs K, Nuneaton

  13. Sally Leonards thanked for her support

    Sally received the following feedback from a client's mother: 'I would like to thank you and your team for helping H with her negligence case the support she has received from yourself has been nothing but sympathetic, supportive and professional . 

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    'You have helped us both through an extremely hard and stressful time by removing as much pressure as you could. The communication has been brilliant informing us of every stage. H has come out of this ordeal with a very positive outlook and a future to look forward to.'


  14. Thank you for your help and kindness

    Thank you for your help and kindness

    Testimonial for JMW associate Steven Brown from CP of Cumbria

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    "The service I received from JMW Solicitors was exemplary. I was kept informed at all times on the progress of my case and the friendly manner of all JMW staff made the situation more comfortable and stress free. Thank you once again for all your help and kindness."

    CP Cumbria

  15. I can't praise you enough

    I can't praise you enough

    Client testimonial for JMW clinical negligence solicitor Katie Nolan

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    "Katie was very helpful; I can't praise her enough to be honest. She was successful in getting me a suitable payment in compensation without too much delay. I was also kept informed throughout and would recommend her without hesitation."

    Mr P, West Sussex

  16. Friendly and professional approach

    Friendly and professional approach

    Thanks from Mr D. of Buckingham to the JMW medical negligence team for their hard work.

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    "We have been very happy with the way the case has been conducted, in a friendly and professional way we were kept informed at every stage as the case progressed. We thank JMW for all their hard work. The settlement we received is more than we ever dreamed of. "

    Mr D., Buckingham

  17. Nicholas Young received feedback from his client Mrs M

    Nicholas Young received feedback from his client Mrs M

    "I was very impressed with how helpful, caring and polite Mr Young was. Thank you.”

  18. Thank you for your hard work and perseverance

    Thank you for your hard work and perseverance

    Mr & Mrs S., Greater Manchester Testimonial for JMW clinical negligence partner Sally Leonards

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    "We would all like to say a very big thank you to Sally Leonards for her hard work, perseverance and especially her patience throughout the long and complicated journey. Our lives have been made so much easier and AS is enjoying so much more independence and freedom because of your hard work."

    Mr & Mrs S. Greater Manchester

  19. You were professional and sensitive

    You were professional and sensitive

    Testimonial for JMW clinical negligence associate Angharad Hughes

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    "I will never be able to thank you enough for taking my case on and all your hard work. Your professionalism and sensitivity helped me to cope with it all. As you know, the court case was a source of great stress and worry for me and I feel much better now it is concluded and I can put it behind me and move on. I am sincerely grateful to you for all you have done and I feel lucky to have found you as you were the perfect person for me."

    Mrs S, Northumberland

  20. Thorough and professional approach

    Thorough and professional approach

    Client testimonial for Olivia Scates, a partner in the JMW clinical negligence team.

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    "We engaged Olivia and her team to support us on a challenging case on behalf of our son. Right from the outset we were impressed with Olivia's thorough and professional approach, allied to her personable manner. As the case developed her knowledge of this specialist field of law became apparent, ultimately leading to a successful outcome."

    Mr. F.

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