Conspiracy Offences

It is essential that people accused of conspiracy offences seek immediate and proper legal representation, especially given the intricacies of such cases. The central element of a criminal conspiracy is the agreement by two or more individuals to carry out a criminal act - in other words, the offence of conspiracy can be committed even if no further action is taken following the agreement.


Because the criminal offence arises out of the agreement and not the actual conduct, it is vital you get the very best legal advice to guide you through a process that can be difficult and stressful. At JMW we offer a Private Client Criminal Law Service, which is designed to provide a bespoke service that guarantees thorough preparation and great attention to detail throughout.


It can be tricky for the prosecution to prove their case, especially in complex conspiracies allegedly committed by many individuals over a lengthy period where the nature and substance of purported agreements may be unclear. Enlisting the help of a highly experienced, driven, yet friendly, legal team will ensure that potential defences are fully explored.


Conspiracy offences can take many forms. Listed below are some of the most common:

  • Conspiracy to defraud

  • Conspiracy to import drugs

  • Conspiracy to supply drugs

  • Conspiracy to launder money


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