Stage 2 - Preparation of ET1 Claim Form and Grounds of Claim


The service helps you to complete your ET1 claim form, the paperwork used to detail your legal complaint in full and explain how you have been unfairly treated, supported by evidence.

With this service, we will provide access to a guide on how to draft a claim that offers expert tips and advice. We will also review the particulars of your ET1 drafts to make sure you have included the right details.

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If you are ready to start your tribunal claim, the first step will be to prepare an ET1 claim form. This crucial piece of paperwork provides you with the opportunity to detail your complaint in full and explain your side of the story, with the aim of demonstrating the circumstances of your mistreatment to the tribunal adjudicating your case. As such, it is vitally important to fill out this form correctly, including all of the most relevant details.

This standalone support service is specifically designed to help claimants fill out their ET1 claim forms. Instead of paying upfront for a complete tribunal service, you will pay a smaller one-off fee that deals solely with this single part of the process.

If you are considering purchasing the preparation of ET1 claim form support package, you should have at least two years of service for the employer you are making a claim against for unfair/constructive dismissal. Claims about pay do not require this length of employment

The service is suitable for those who wish to take action for unfair dismissal or cases involving owed pay, such as redundancy, holiday or notice pay. It is not necessarily the right path for those involved in more complex cases.

Also, if you have already been through the employment tribunal process and your claim was unsuccessful, you are not able to reclaim. However, we are able to review your case if you have been turned down by another solicitor.

Purchase this simple and straightforward service today and we will review your ET1 drafts and provide access to expert guidance on how to draft a compelling claim. Once you have submitted your details, you will hear back from us within 48 hours.

What the ET1 Preparation Services Offers

This service can help you with every aspect of preparing your ET1 claim form for a flat rate of £350.

For this fee, we will review the draft versions of your ET1 statement to help you ensure all the necessary details have been included, and that your account is as complete and legally persuasive as it can be. As part of this process, we will provide you with access to an expert guide on how to draft a claim form, full of helpful tips and advice from our qualified team.

It is also vital that all the information you provide to us is completely accurate, or you run the risk of your claim not being properly presented.

Employers typically have 28 days to respond to matters raised in an employment tribunal. In some cases, this timeframe can be expanded. Late submissions and failures to respond will mean decisions may be made without the employer at a hearing.

If during this process your employer offers to settle the case early and you want to accept it, we can provide an add-on service to review the COT3 agreement document that lays out the full terms of the settlement for £100. This will help you to fully understand the legal implications of any proposed settlement before you commit to it.

By getting the right legal advice, you will be able to complete your ET1 claim form on time and with the understanding you will need to put across a compelling, persuasive case, giving you the best chance of succeeding in your employment tribunal.

How Does the Process Work?

Those looking to lodge an ET1 claim should be aware of the strict time limits in place for initiating the employment tribunal process. In most cases, you must file the paperwork within three months minus one day from the date of the incident about which you are complaining - if the form is not officially received at the tribunal office by the date of the deadline, it is unlikely that you will be able to continue the claim.

If you have previously attempted to seek early conciliation of your case through ACAS, this will affect the deadline. Those with more than a month left before their original deadline passes will be able to add one extra month to the deadline; if they had less than one month remaining, then the new deadline will be set exactly one month after the date they receive their early conciliation certificate. You cannot issue a claim without an ACAS certificate.

The variable nature of these time limits means that many claimants find it difficult to work out the exact date by which their ET1 form needs to be completed and sent off. Our team will work this out for you on receipt of the appropriate information.


What is the ET1 Claim Form?

The ET1 claim form can be obtained online or in a physical format, and must be completed in full and sent to the employment tribunal system in order to validate your claim.

The form requires you to provide basic information about yourself and the employer in question, including names, addresses and dates of employment; most importantly, it also asks you to provide full information on the details of the claim itself. If the case proceeds to the hearing stage, this statement will be the first document the tribunal will consider.

As such, when filling in an ET1 form, you should make sure to give a clear and persuasive account of the complaint, offering all of the most important details while staying focused on the topic at hand. As a general rule, ET1 statements cover:

  • the basic facts of the case and the relevant sequence of events, in the order in which they happened;
  • details of evidence that exists to support the claim;
  • a general explanation of why you believe the treatment you received was unlawful;
  • an outline of the outcome you are seeking from the tribunal, whether this be a change in company policy, a compensation payout or your old job back.

Because this document will be referred back to throughout the case, it is extremely important to fill out the ET1 form with the right level of detail.

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