Stage 3 - Preparation and Review of Schedule of Loss and Disclosure List


A schedule of loss sets out how much compensation you are looking to claim back through the tribunal. By purchasing this service, you will receive sample documents to complete and guidance on how to do so. We will then review your schedule of loss as well as your disclosure list, which catalogues the information that you will need to provide as evidence for the tribunal.

With this service, we will review both of these lists before you submit them, offering expert feedback on the format and offering recommendations on the most appropriate documents to be included.

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If you need help to submit a schedule of loss and a disclosure list, JMW Solicitors offers a standalone service to review your paperwork. Using this service will ensure that you have included every detail and document required by the tribunal, and that you have presented the information in the right format.

This support package specifically focuses on the schedule of loss and disclosure process, allowing you to pay an affordable one-off fee for a single online service. 

This service is suitable for those who wish to take action for unfair dismissal or cases involving owed pay, such as redundancy, holiday or notice pay. It is not necessarily the right path for those involved in more complex cases.

If you are considering purchasing this support package in an unfair/constructive dismissal claim, you should have at least two years of service for the employer you are making a claim against. 

In addition, if you have already been through an employment tribunal process and your claim was unsuccessful, you are not able to reclaim.

It is also vital that all the information you provide to us is completely accurate, or you run the risk of your claim not being properly presented.

If you are looking for a cost-effective, simple and straightforward solution to your dispute, purchase this service today to receive instant access to the service covering all aspects relating to schedules of loss and disclosure lists. Once you have submitted your details, you will hear back from us within 48 hours.

What the Schedule of Loss and Disclosure List Offers

The service to review your schedule of loss and disclosure list is available at a flat rate of £350.

In exchange for this fee, we will review both documents throughout the compilation process, providing comments and feedback on the most appropriate formatting and recommendations on the details and documents to be included. This may require you to upload a large number of these documents to us, in order to help us keep track of your progress.

If during this process your employer offers you an out-of-tribunal settlement, we can also review the COT3 agreement document laying out the full terms of the settlement as a £100 add-on service. This will help you to fully break down the legal implications of the proposed settlement before you agree to it.

By getting the right legal advice, you will be able to produce a comprehensive schedule of loss and disclosure list, bolstering your case and giving you the best chance of achieving the desired outcome from your employment tribunal.

How Does the Process Work?

The process for putting together a schedule of loss is not as rigidly formalised as many other parts of the employment tribunal process - there is no standard form template that is used universally, and not every tribunal will order you to prepare one. However, even if the schedule is not specifically requested, it can still be a useful means of clearly presenting the value of your claim to the tribunal and the employer.

Compiling a schedule means considering a number of factors, including past or future losses of earnings due to being out of work, or the loss of your statutory rights due to the circumstances of unfair dismissal. If your employer failed to follow the ACAS Code of Practice when disciplining or dismissing you, this will also be factored into the calculation.

The disclosure list, meanwhile, should include names, descriptions and dates of any documents that will be supplied by yourself or your employer, including materials to support both sides of the case. Usually, it will be the job of the respondent to compile a final bundle incorporating all the documents to be used for final hearing.


What are the Schedule of Loss and Disclosure List?

A schedule of loss is a document that sets out how much you are asking the employment tribunal to award you if the case is decided in your favour. You will be expected to be realistic and take account of particular facts, such as legal limits on awards.

This amount is usually made up of a basic award - a fixed sum calculated using a statutory formula, based on your income from the job in question - and a compensatory award, which looks at your actual losses and whether they should be increased or decreased, depending on the conduct of both parties. Having a detailed schedule of loss can strengthen your case in many ways, including making it easier to secure an early settlement.

Meanwhile, a disclosure list is a separate document that details the various pieces of information and evidence that you and your employer will be required to disclose in order to compile the bundle of documents that the tribunal will consider during the case. This list should be as detailed and comprehensive as possible, because a tribunal may refuse to consider documents that have not been disclosed and included in the bundle as evidence.

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