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27th July 2017 Family Law

Since the dawn of social media, the intimate details of people's daily lives have been accessible for public consumption. Facebook has become a platform for divulging everything from drunken silliness to sonograms. Twitter provides constant updates into the innermost workings of the minds of the 328 million users, from your brother to Beyonce. Instagram delivers the opportunity for users to filter their photos, and their lives, resulting in a revolving door of perfect avocados and #breathtaking sunsets.

The various downsides to social media have been widely reported. As family lawyers, we are no strangers to the significant impact social media has had on relationships. Technology has advanced so that people have access to aspects of people's lives which would, historically, have been kept private. Instagram photos and Facebook statuses are often used as evidence that one party has been unfaithful or behaved in such a way so as to cause the breakdown of the marriage.

It has now been reported that a number of people have been using the online taxi app Uber to monitor their spouse's activities. The Uber app enables users to book a taxi, pay online and track the taxi's journey all via the app. The app logs the collection and drop-off addresses as well as the date and time of the journeys taken.

The report suggests that the Uber app has been used to catch unfaithful spouses out by providing data on their whereabouts. Suspicious spouses can check up on their partner and essentially track their every movement. Dating apps like Tinder have also exposed spouses looking for potential dates whilst still married.

The evolution of technology, such as social media and apps like Uber, means that information can be stored and downloaded at the tap of a finger and used to monitor where people go and who they are with. Such evidence is increasingly used by spouses to verify their partners' whereabouts and test their honesty.

Advancements in technology have certainly changed how people enter into new relationships and how they get out of them. If you suspect that your partner is being unfaithful, or your relationship has broken down as a result of adultery, it is always advisable to speak to a family lawyer about your options.

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