Occupational Infections Claims

If you have contracted an infection at work, you may be able to make an occupational infection compensation claim. The friendly, approachable team at JMW will be happy to discuss the details of your occupational infection during an initial consultation.

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What is an Occupational Infection?

An occupational infection is defined as: an infection caused by exposure to harmful micro-organisms whilst in the working environment. These micro-organisms could be bacteria, fungi, viruses, internal parasites or infectious proteins.

If you intentionally work with such organisms, for example as a lab technician, you may not be able to make an occupational infections compensation claim. However, if it is possible that you have been exposed inadvertently, as a farmer, healthcare worker, piercing or tattoo artist or similar profession, contact a solicitor to discuss a potential claim.

Common Occupational Infections

Commonly contracted infections at work include:

  • Legionella: anyone employed in a communal building could be at risk from Legionnaires’ disease, as it is often transmitted via the water systems of large buildings, cooling towers of air conditioning systems, fountains and ponds, and communal showers.
  • Influenza: specifically bird flu, which could affect people working with birds, healthcare and laboratory workers.
  • SARS: healthcare workers are particularly at risk from severe acute respiratory syndrome.
  • Zoonoses: diseases which can be transmitted from animals to humans, and therefore affect agricultural workers and animal handlers.

The HSE (Health and Safety Executive) also considers BSE and Anthrax to be potential occupational infections.

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