Wife Successfully Sues Ex-Husband in Privacy Case


A lawyer from Manchester based law firm JMW Solicitors LLP has successfully acted for Baksho Devi Gora in a privacy action against her ex-husband Harvinder Singh Gora.

Mrs Gora, from Walsall, claimed that her ex-husband had hidden a bug in her car and had recorded her personal telephone conversations for 6 months from March to August 2008. The conversations were then alleged to have been replayed to family members in violation of Mrs Gora's privacy, and causing her substantial embarrassment and distress.

The Honourable Mr Justice Burnett approved an order in favour of Mrs Gora requiring her ex-husband to pay £10,000 in damages as well as all of her legal costs. Any telephone recordings held by Mr Gora were ordered to be handed over to Mrs Gora's lawyers, JMW, so that they can be destroyed, and the terms of the order also prevent Mr Gora from being able to pass on any information related to the telephone conversations.

Commenting on her victory Baksho Devi Gora said:

"I am extremely relived that this case is finally over as it has been a very stressful time for me and my family.  The actions of my ex-husband stripped away my dignity and left me feeling mentally raped and I think this is reflected in the substantial damages payment approved by the judge. I am now looking forward to putting this behind me and rebuilding my life. I would like to thank my solicitor, Ian Hemingway, and my barrister, Aidan Eardley for all their hard work, and I am very grateful for the support I have received from my family during this very difficult time".

Mrs Gora's Solicitor, Ian Hemingway, from JMW Solicitors LLP said:

"This case has been very difficult for Mrs Gora, as it has been bitterly contested for 18 months by her ex-husband despite the evidence against him.  The substantial damages ordered to be paid by Mr Gora demonstrates the severity of the invasion of Mrs Gora's privacy. This case highlights the fact that the courts will protect the rights of all individuals and it is not just ‘celebrities' who can make claims regarding violation of their privacy."


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