1. Drink driving Public Nuisance or a Private Matter?

    Drink driving is potentially a very serious offence - but the consequences for being caught over the limit can vary significantly, depending on whether the driver was deemed to have been in a public or a private space.

  2. Unfit to Drive Charges: the defences

    Being caught in charge of a vehicle while unfit to drive can result in severe legal penalties, so it's important to know your rights if you find yourself in this position.

  3. Avoiding Driving Disqualification

    If you are facing disqualification from driving due to a motoring offence, then it's vital to understand the processes involved and seek the right legal advice if you believe the ruling should be overturned.

  4. Special Reasons and the Law

    There are some special reasons that can reduce the penalty faced for various driving offences, including drink driving and driving without insurance. Knowing them could potentially help those affected to achieve a better outcome.

  5. Different Types of Insurance Policy

    Motor insurance policies have restrictions on the type of driving that can be undertaken under their protection. Drivers must ensure they have adequate protection, or else they risk running into legal troubles.

  6. Pleading Guilty to a Fatal Offence

    Advice if you intend to plead guilty to a driving offence involving a fatality.

  7. Exceptional Hardship Arguments

    Certain arguments can be made if you are convicted of a driving offence that can impact the penalty a driver receives. Experienced lawyers can ensure all relevant arguments are made to ensure a fair sentence.

  8. Drug Driving Tests

    The police must follow certain procedures when undertaking a drug test in order for it to be valid. We can help if you have recently been tested.

  9. Drug Driving The Clamp Down

    New legislation and new ways to detect drug driving have been introduced to reduce the number of drug drivers on the road - and all road users need to be aware of them.

  10. Caught on camera Do speed cameras work?

    A rundown of how the new SPECS digital speed cameras operate and whether there is any margin for error.

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