Your Options When Charged with Drug Driving

Defending your case

The law surrounding the drug drive procedures the police should follow is complex. Many experienced officers struggle to fully understand the procedures. This can, and often does, lead to mistakes. A simple mistake made by an officer when conducting the drug drive procedure can often turn out to be fatal for the Prosecution’s case.

With our experience and expertise, it is highly probable that once we have had the opportunity to review the prosecution evidence, we will be able to identify flaws in the drug drive procedures followed by the officer and/or any other issues that arise as a result of the drug/drive procedures that were or were not followed.

You may not necessarily know what procedures the police should have and should not have followed. We do! Give us a quick call today free of charge on 0800 804 8159.

We do not limit the review and preparation of your case to only those issues relating to the procedure followed by the police. We will also consider the procedures followed by the prosecution once proceedings are under way. We have had many successes based on the prosecution failing to overcome the many obstacles drug driving cases present. Our superior technical knowledge and ability to fully focus on YOUR case gives us the edge over the prosecution.

Pleading Guilty

You have already decided to plead guilty to the offence. JMW Solicitors offers a ‘fixed fee’ service designed to assist you in preparing detailed and effective mitigation aimed at persuading the court to exercise leniency when imposing the penalty. Further information regarding ‘fixed fees’ can be found at our Motoring Solicitor Fees page

For most people, a court appearance is alien to them. Some people find standing before the court very difficult and quite daunting. This can sometimes impact on their ability to communicate all of the information and issues they wish to be taken into consideration by the court. Let us do the talking!

With our ‘fixed fee’ service we offer the following:

  • Telephone conference/ personal meeting with your solicitor
  • Representation at the hearing by either a partner or an expert motoring law barrister
  • A full pre – hearing briefing with regards to court procedures and what to expect at court
  • A conference with your legal representative on the morning of the hearing
  • A full post - hearing debriefing (to discuss the penalty imposed, the implications and any further options that may be available to you)

Our involvement in a case often results in the court departing from their guidelines and can often lead to penalty being imposed that is far less severe than the guidelines suggest.

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