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Private Client Criminal Offences

In addition to Hojol’s experience in driving offences, he deals with all criminal offences in the Magistrates, Crown Court and Court of Appeal. Hojol represents professionals in the Magistrates Court in particular members of the professional community including Solicitors, Teachers, Accountants and so forth. Hojol has recently defended a teacher on separate assault charges which resulted in an acquittal on all counts.

High Court Appeals

Hojol advises and undertakes Judicial Review of the decisions of Magistrates’ Courts. Hojol has previously represented defendants for drink driving and been successful in challenging cases to the High Court.

Hojol has also recently undertaken an application to the High Court in order to seek clarity within the Criminal Justice System for Judicial Review. This was the first application of its kind and has now left the doors open for future challenges.

It should be noted that Judicial Review applications are time sensitive. If you are of the view that you have been prejudiced by a decision of the Court then contact Hojol directly and he will be able to advise you accordingly.

DVLA Medical Revocations

Hojol has also established a reputation for his expertise and experience in the field of DVLA Medical Revocation of Driving Licences, having an in-depth knowledge of the DVLA’s Guidance on Fitness to Drive and the process of challenging a revocation. His successes in this area have included securing the return of licences to those alleged to suffer from alcohol misuse/dependence, cough syncope, diabetes and eye defects. Such is his expertise in this area Hojol has appeared on the BBC commenting on these issues with particular emphasis on the “Glasgow bin lorry case”.

Further significant cases:

  1. R v T Leamington Spa Crown Court - Dangerous Driving and Excess Alcohol – Serious Accident with multiple vehicles and injuries. Initially represented by local firm poorly and advised on not guilty plea incorrectly. Guilty Pleas entered with our advice, initially looking at 24-30 months Custody due to incorrect plea and poor preparation – Result - 8 Months Custodial Sentence, released in 2 months with Home Detention Curfew.
  2. R v S - Teesside Crown Court – Early Removal of Disqualification - Result 7 years disqualification reduced to 3 ½ Years.
  3. R v A – York Crown Court Death By Careless Driving – Early Removal of Disqualification – Result 3 Years to 2 years
  4. R v P Colchester Magistrates Court Careless Driving – client was wrongly prosecuted, all crown evidence inconsistent and the prosecution witnesses should have been prosecuted – Result Not Guilty after Trial
  5. R v H Leamington Spa Magistrates Court Drink Driving – Numerous issues relating to rules of evidence - Result Case Dismissed due to Crown Evidential Issues.
  6. R v H– Worcester Magistrates Court - Drink Driving – Unnecessary Pressure from Police breach of PACE – Result Case Dismissed
  7. R v S - Chester Magistrates Court Drink Driving – This was a complex matter with numerous evidential issues with the hospital procedure, despite resistance from District Judge and Crown they both realised we were correct in the legal issues and case law – Result Crown offer no evidence.
  8. R v B Reading Magistrates Court Drink Driving – Factual dispute relating to identity of driver included identity issues and crown hearsay information and influence – Result Not Guilty after Trial.
  9. R v S Sheffield Magistrates Court Drink Driving – “Special Reasons” advanced sue to spiked drinks – Result 3 points no disqualification
  10. R v FW Brighton Magistrates Court Failing to Provide Specimen of Breath – Client had reasonable excuse relating to anxiety – Result Not Guilty after Trial.
  11. R v S City of London Magistrates Court Failing to Provide a Specimen of Breath - Police Officer failed in retaining key evidence and therefore after legal submissions - Result Crown offer no evidence
  12. R v S – Cambridge Magistrates Court - Highest Recorded Speed in UK (2015) at 156 miles per hour – Avoided Dangerous Driving and Guilty Plea to Excess Speed – Result 6 month disqualification.
  13. R v M Mold Magistrates Court Excess Speed 127 miles per hour and New Driver in probationary period - Result -21 Day Disqualification avoiding revocation of driving licence by DVLA.
  14. R v MF Waltham Forest Magistrates Court Excess Speed – Crown alleged excess speed of 120 miles per hour, which was contrary to defence evidence - Result Crown Offer No Evidence due to contradictory evidence from Police Vehicle and Evidence from Police Officer.
  15. R v PA - Stratford Magistrates Court Excess Speed – Crown alleged excess speed despite defendant denying allegation at scene. – Result Case Dismissed at the close of Crowns evidence due to inconsistent evidence.
  16. R v B Worcester Magistrates Court Failing to give information – legal argument before District Judge due to incorrect plea being entered and incorrect advise from previous representation – Result Not Guilty after Trial.

Additional Testimonials:

What Collision Expert Says

I have worked with Hojol upon a number of high profile motoring cases where the Client faced very serious charges likely to attract an immediate custodial sentence. Hojol’s instructions were always very clear which indicated a very in depth knowledge of both Road Traffic law, Court procedures, a great understanding of Expert evidence and a great empathy with the Client.

I have attended Client conferences with Hojol and senior Counsel. His attention to detail is second to none and demonstrated an ability and energy to give the best advice and assistance to his Client.

Hojol is a very strong advocate in his right and has a very professional Court manner. My last case with Hojol involved a death by careless driving charge, which was very emotive on both sides of the Courtroom. I have the utmost respect and admiration for Hojols professionalism throughout a very difficult case.

Mr. KT – Expert Forensic Investigator 35 + years

What Peers Say

Hojol is an incredibly energetic and hardworking solicitor. When you send him an email no matter what time it is, you are likely to get a reply in seconds. He is always thinking of possible ways to defend his clients, whether that is by exploiting subtle legal points, or using his skill as seeing what an expert might do for a case to gather the evidence he needs to win it. He specialises particularly in motoring offences but also criminal judicial review and crime more generally. A great person to have on your side.

Mr. BR – 2 Hare Court

When it comes to client care, attention to detail and legal knowledge, I cannot recommend Hojol highly enough. I am very fortunate to have been instructed by him on a number of cases, where he consistently surpasses my expectations as a solicitor. He possesses a tenacious 'can-do' attitude and the ability to think outside the box. Most importantly, Hojol is very accomplished regarding his abilities to think 'inside the box', which is vitally important for any lawyer and a key trait sometimes overlooked by many others looking for a quick solution. His easy-going, down to earth approach also goes a long way to making Hojol an absolute pleasure to work with; especially on challenging cases.

Miss. SV - Sole Practitioner

Hojol’s Comments

“I am a people person and like challenges. Having dealt with thousands of cases over the years and managed teams, you would think I would get bored or fed up by now. However, I speak and represent different clients everyday, and every case I deal with is different than the one before. I advise directly with all clients and make it clear that not all cases can be defended by not guilty pleas but at the same time not all cases are guilty pleas and can be defended. It is crucial to give a balanced approach and ensure that clients are advised accordingly. I offer stress relief and alleviate pressure on so many of my clients past, present and hopefully new clients in the future”.

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