Hairdresser Injury Claims

If you have suffered injury when attending a hairdressers or hair salon, and this was caused by the negligence of one of the members of staff, you will be in a position to make a claim for compensation to make up for any suffering caused, both physical and psychological.

Can you sue a hairdresser for damaging your hair?

If the damage caused to your hair is a clear result of your hairdresser's negligence, it is possible to make a claim for the damaged hair. To get a better understanding of  the steps you're able to take and the compensation you may be entitled to, call us today on 0800 054 6570 or complete our online enquiry form, which will enable us to give you a callback and discuss your situation in more detail.

Case Study: Hair Damage and Loss Due to Over-Bleaching

Miss M of Manchester Received £5,750 Compensation

JMW has helped a woman secure £5,750 after poor advice from a hair salon led to her suffering hair damage and loss.

Miss M of Manchester suffered damage to her hair and hair loss due to a hair salon’s poor advice and guidance. Miss M was a client at her hair salon for a number of years, attending every four weeks to have her hair bleached.  During one visit, she was advised that she should try switching from having the bleach applied to her hair by using foils, to having the bleach applied directly to her roots, as this would prevent overlap and damage to her hair.  She agreed, and on subsequent visits to the salon, a cap was placed on her head to assist with applying the bleach, before she was placed under a heater to dry the bleach, and excess washed out of her hair.  

Hair breakage

The fourth time Miss M had this treatment, she found that her hair was breaking and snapping when she was washing it.  This was clearly a cause for concern but when she visited the salon again, she was assured it wasn’t an issue, and her hair was bleached in the usual way.  However, when the salon stylist was washing her hair, clumps of hair were breaking off.  

This greatly distressed Miss M as it left her with a short mullet, rather than her shoulder-length hair that was her style prior to the incident.  The salon advised Miss M that it would take care of her hair and treat it until she was happy with it.  Miss M attempted to make her hair colour darker and stop using the bleach, but her fringe broke off, leaving her with very little hair at the top of her head and very little fringe.  Miss M was left in the position of having to completely re-style her hair, combing over some of the strands of hair to hide the breakage at the top, and clipping her hair up rather than wearing it down.  

Despite reassurances that the salon would treat her hair free of charge until she was happy with it, they went back on their word and started to request payment.  Miss M decided to cease attending the salon.  

Seeking legal help

Miss M switched to a different salon, Plush Hair and Body Ltd. and was made aware of JMW Solicitors by one of the members of staff at the salon.  She decided to contact us and discuss her problems, pursuing a claim for the damages caused by the mistreatment at her salon.  

Gordon Cartwright, a Partner in JMW’s Personal Injury team, pursued the claim for Miss M.  In order to build a strong case against the hair salon that had caused damage to Miss M’s hair, Gordon asked Miss M to visit a Consultant Dermatologist and a Clinical Psychologist.  This enabled him to fully assess the damage caused to Miss M from her ordeal.  

The medical reports indicated that Miss M had suffered from loss of hair over the crown and fringe, an itchy and dry scalp with some scabbing that tended to weep when scratched, low mood, poor self-esteem, social avoidance and anxiety.  

The defendant hair salon admitted liability, and made a number of offers to settle Miss M’s claim, however Gordon felt these offers were too low and did not fully take into account the dermatological damage caused to Miss M’s hair and scalp, as well as the discomfort and embarrassment she experienced during her ordeal. 

Court proceedings

Gordon was left with no reasonable course of action than to issue court proceedings against the defendant.  Once he issued proceedings, the defendant agreed to a compensation offer of £5,750, which would be paid to Miss M in full and final settlement of her claim.  Both Miss M and Gordon felt this was an acceptable level of compensation and the case was concluded.  

Miss M remains a client at Plush Hair and Body Ltd, and only uses semi-permanent colour on her hair.  It is now completely normal, in good condition, and she is much happier with how it looks, as well as more confident and happy with her appearance. 

Have you also suffered hair damage at a salon?

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