Case Study: Multiple Burns to Arms and Legs After Laser Hair Removal

Ms K was awarded £5,000

JMW has been successful in helping a woman obtain a £5,000 settlement after she was left with multiple burns on her arms and legs following laser hair removal treatment.

The claim

Ms K visited a local beauty salon to undergo laser hair removal treatment to various parts of her body, including her lower arms and legs.  However, the individual carrying out the treatment at the salon turned the power on the laser up too high, causing Ms K multiple burns on visible areas of her body.  After visiting the JMW website and seeing that we deal with beauty injury claims, she decided to get in touch with us. 

The case

After taking on Ms K’s case, we asked her to send over some photos of her burns, to highlight the level of injury that the salon had caused her.  We also got in touch with the salon to inform them of Ms K’s intention to claim.  After several attempts to get them to acknowledge her letters, we eventually got passed to the salon’s insurer, who dealt with the claim on the salon’s behalf. 

The salon’s insurer initially denied responsibility for Ms K’s injuries.  However, we did not feel this was right, and felt that the evidence she had supported Ms K’s claim, and we continued to press Ms K’s claim.  After some consideration of Ms K’s claim, the salon’s insurer chose to admit their responsibility for Ms K’s injuries, on the basis that suitable medical evidence would be provided, evidence supporting Ms K’s claim against the salon. 

We arranged for Ms K to be seen by a independent General Practitioner who would provide an independent report of her injuries, what was reasonably responsible for them and her prognosis.  Meanwhile, we had also been exchanging emails with Mrs K, who kept us up to date on the state of her injuries, with regular photographic evidence of them.  We had also ensured Ms K complete a Schedule of Special Damages document, which outlined all of her financial outlays as a direct result of the accident, enabling us to be in a position to negotiate an appropriate level of compensation with the salon’s insurer, on Ms K’s behalf. 

Settling Ms K’s claim

The General Practitioner’s report noted Ms K’s injuries, as well as burn marks to her upper lip as a result of the treatment.  It confirmed that the laser had been used inappropriately, however it also recommended that Ms K be seen by an independent cosmetic surgeon, who could offer a conclusive prognosis. 

Whilst we was looking to instruct an independent cosmetic surgeon to examine Ms K, the salon’s insurer made an offer to settle Ms K’s claim.  We felt this offer was slightly less than Ms K should rightfully receive, and after discussing the matter with Ms K, she made a counter offer to the salon’s insurer to increase the offer.  After some negotiation, the salon’s insurer agreed to an increased offer to settle the claim. 

We passed the good news onto Ms K, who was delighted with the settlement.  On receipt of her compensation award, she emailed to say: “Thank you so much for all your help and endless chasing up to finalise my claim.  I highly appreciate your help.  Although I don't wish to experience such a situation again, if I do I know who to call!  Have a great day and thank you.”  

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