Twisted Spokes' 5 Reasons Why we Love Cycling

20th April 2016 Personal Injury

International cycling organisations World Cycling Alliance (WCA) and European Cyclists Federation (ECF) are calling on cyclists from all walks of life to come together on Twitter using the hashtag #WorldBicycleDay on the 28th April to celebrate cycling.

Twisted Spokes will be involved in the hash-tagging to help with building recognition for World Bicycle Day. So to celebrate this we have put together a list of Twisted Spokes' top 5 reasons why we love cycling. In no particular order, these are as follows:


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1. It's a cheap way of getting to work;

An annual County Card for use on trains, trams and buses in Greater Manchester currently costs £1,111.00 (and this is the cheapest option). Once you have purchased your bike and cycling accessories, cycling is free and you can do it as much as you want. I have discovered a fantastic website which, based on your commute to and from work, calculates the amount of money you have saved cycling instead of driving or using public transport. You can find the link for this at the foot of the blog. You can also find the links to the various cycle to work schemes at the foot of the blog. These schemes can be really helpful in financially assisting in buying a bike and accessories.

2. It incorporates exercise into my daily commute;

Most people would love to be able to fit exercise around work, but sometimes it just seems impossible. Commuting by bike is a perfect way to incorporate exercise time into a busy schedule and, more often than not, it will be quicker and less stressful that making the same commute by car, especially in rush hour traffic.

3. It puts me in a good mood;

Cycling gives me something to look forward to every day. It puts me in a great mood and I always arrive at work with a smile on my face and feeling exhilarated How many times have you heard people say, 'That was a lovely drive in to work, I really enjoyed that!'? Now think about how many times you hear cyclists rave about their morning commute into work and the views that come with it. Check the #TwistedSpokesTeam hashtag on Instagram and look at some of our favourite cycling locations and you'll see why cycling never fails to raise a smile.

4. Being a part of the cycling community;

I absolutely love being part of a cycling community. Through my own cycling experiences, and the Twisted Spokes Twitter, Facebook and Instagram accounts I have met many members of the cycling community and have developed good relationships. The camaraderie in cycling is second to none, and something you'll never get close to experiencing driving a vehicle.

5. It's fun!

Cycling is fun. Ask any cyclist for their top five reasons why they enjoy cycling and you can almost guarantee that 'because it's fun' will be one of their answers. Ask any vehicle owner why they drive and the answer will almost always be 'to get me from A to B'.

In summary, cycling is cheap, keeps you fit, it makes you happy, can make you feel like part of a close-knit community and most of all it's fun! So start cycling today, and use the hashtag #WorldBicycleDay on Twitter and Instagram on the 28th April to celebrate cycling.

What are your reasons to cycle?

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