Why you might want us to check your claim

There are several reasons why you might have cause to ask questions about how your case is being handled, and want your claim to be looked into. The people whose claims we’ve checked out and taken on have come to us because of a number of different circumstances. The most common things clients say to us are:

  1. “I don’t think my solicitor is handling my case well – I don’t hear from them for a long time, and I don’t feel confident with the advice they’re giving me.”
  2. Regular contact with a clear idea of what is happening is vital to a good client/lawyer relationship. Your solicitor should be keeping you up to date with your case. A lack of communication can indicate an inability to give your case the time and attention it deserves.

    At JMW Solicitors, one of the things we pride ourselves on is the feedback our clients give us, when they tell us they have been made to feel like “more than just a number”. In fact, our client feedback has been so positive that 99.3% of our clients have said they’d use JMW Solicitors again. If a lack of communication from your solicitor is causing you to question your relationship with them, please give us a call.

  3. “I have been told I don’t have a personal injury claim.”
  4. Sadly, some people can miss the opportunity to make a claim because of bad advice they’ve been given. Sometimes, this occurs before they even have an opportunity to get their claim underway. Some law firms don’t feel comfortable unless they are confident that a client’s claim is going to be easy and straightforward to settle. Often, clients can be told by law firms that they don’t have enough evidence to make a claim, when it is simply the case that it involves more work. We’re happy to take a look at any accident where the individual feels there is a claim to be made, even when they have been told previously not to bother. We’re totally committed to fighting for our clients’ rights

  5. “I think my solicitor is undervaluing what my claim is actually worth.”
  6. It can be the case that an inexperienced solicitor can provide their clients with poor advice, or be overly eager to settle. Due to recent government legislation in personal injury law, it is increasingly the case that some firms feel pressure to resolve cases quickly. This can be to the detriment of a client, and can mean that some elements of the claim are missed.

    If you think your solicitor isn’t understanding what you deserve, we are happy to provide a clear, objective viewpoint on your case. We have acted on a lot of cases for clients where their initial firm wasn’t valuing their case properly, and have managed to secure our clients substantial increases on their original valuations.

  7. My solicitor has secured me a lower amount of compensation than I think I deserve. Is that right?”
  8. After an accident, it is natural to feel as though we are entitled to be well compensated. But handling a personal injury claim isn’t an exact science. Broadly speaking, your claim will generally be split into monetary losses suffered as a result of your accident, and the ‘value’ of your physical injury, as determined by guidelines from the judicial standards board. Once they have a full understanding of how your injury has affected you, a good solicitor will tell you realistically how much your claim is worth, based on their experience.

    But less experienced solicitors can make mistakes, misinterpret medical evidence and provide you with poor advice. If you think there is something amiss in your compensation amount, we can check that for you. We will provide you with a realistic idea of what your case is worth, and whether or not you are entitled to more compensation.

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The road to compensation isn’t always straightforward. We are always happy to check out a claim on behalf of someone if they feel they aren’t getting the compensation they deserve. You can contact one of our experienced team now on 0800 054 6570, or fill in our contact form, and let us call you.

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