6 Reasons to Have JMW on Your Side

Googling the phrase ‘cycling compensation’ will show that there are plenty of solicitors out there who offer legal services for cyclists. Here at Twisted Spokes, while we don’t claim to be the only solicitors representing cyclists, we can tell you that ours is a dedicated team of lawyers who know cycling inside and out.

Read on to find out why a cycling lawyer will best represent your interests if you’ve had an accident whilst out on your bike.

1. We understand what a bike is worth

Non-specialist lawyers who are not interested in cycling will simply have no idea of the potential value of your bicycle. They are not likely to understand the amount of time and money that is often spent upgrading our bicycles with new or better components or that the bicycle may have increased in value since it was purchased. Naturally, the at-fault driver’s insurer isn’t going to want to pay for these things and will do their best to minimise what they do pay, so you need a lawyer who knows about bikes to ensure that you are properly reimbursed for the value of your damaged bicycle and accessories. You need a lawyer that knows their group sets from their chain rings!

2. We understand how expensive it is to travel when you or your bike is out of action

When it comes to claiming back travel costs on a personal injury case, a non-specialist lawyer will normally just consider receipts for the travel expenses incurred in order to reach appointments associated with the accident related injuries. What they might not take into consideration are the everyday additional travel expenses incurred when a cyclist is without his or her bike or is too injured to ride. If you’ve gone from having a free commute on your bicycle to shelling out on petrol or bus / train tickets or taxis, we can make sure you get that money back as part of your claim.

3. We understand a cyclist’s perspective

Most people are motorists and lawyers are no different; and, in our experience, most people are not shy when it comes to complaining about cyclists. A lot of people harbour prejudice against cyclists because they are not familiar with the experience of cycling themselves. We understand the complexities and variations that exist among all people who cycle and this is reflected in how we look after your claim. You won’t have to battle with the usual comments on cycle helmets or hi-vis clothing and the associated victim blaming. As cyclists we are well able to address any concerns related to allegations that you might have been at fault for not wearing a helmet or hi-vis clothing.

4. We understand the need to get back on the bike

Cycling is simply a way of life for many and we understand that cyclists tend to be active individuals who will find being injured particularly difficult. Not only do we understand how frustrating it is for any cyclist to be unable to ride, but we also know that as a more active person, a cyclist can be due more compensation. This is on the basis that their loss of amenity (inability to carry out their daily living activities) will be greater than a less active person. It acknowledges that a person who is generally very active will be at a greater disadvantage than someone who is not, and this means we can push to get more compensation. A non-specialist lawyer is unlikely to recognise this.

We can also arrange early rehabilitation on a private basis, with no upfront cost, to aid your recovery and once you are able to start riding again you can use our specially designed Bike Assessment Report to ensure you are properly reimbursed for the value of your bicycle.

5. We understand a cyclist’s view of the road

We know the challenges faced on the roads for cyclists because we encounter these ourselves when out riding. Given our specialism in cycling claims we are also very familiar with the common excuses given by motorists following a collision. We have developed effective strategies to efficiently address any misguided attempts to avoid responsibility. Non-specialists will not be as familiar with this process.

6. We know what the new medical evidence rules mean for cyclists

Recent changes have been made to the way in which medical experts are used in road traffic accident (RTA) cases where the main injury is soft tissue-related. Where a solicitor used to have much more control over the choice of medical expert, we are now limited to a group of only seven agencies chosen by a company called MedCo.

Crucially, these reforms do not apply to cyclists, but only to motor vehicle occupants. This means that when dealing with a cycling claim we are able to retain control over the process of obtaining a medical expert’s consultation, without the constraints of the new limitations imposed by MedCo.

There is a serious risk that non-specialist lawyers will not appreciate that these changes do not apply to cyclists. That is why it is important to have a cycling lawyer representing you. See for example, this Law Gazette article that covers the reforms without any mention of the exception for cyclists.

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