Housing Disrepair and Defective Premises Claims

If you have been hurt or have developed an illness while living in a rented home, and the failure of your landlord to look after the property has in any way contributed to your condition, you may be entitled to make a compensation claim. JMW has years of experience in this sector and has handled all kinds of cases against negligent landlords, both public and private. We can help you get the outcome you deserve.

To find out how much you could claim, get in touch today. Doing so is easy, simply call us on 0800 054 6570 or allow us to call you back by completing our online enquiry form. We can discuss your case in greater detail and inform you of the next steps to take.

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About Housing Disrepair Claims

If you live in a rented property owned by a private landlord or a public body, such as the Housing Association, there are rules and regulations in place to ensure your home is kept in a reasonable condition, and that you and your family are not put in any danger due to faulty equipment or poor maintenance.

All landlords have a legal responsibility to repair the structure and exterior of their properties. Depending on the specifics of your contract, it is also likely that your landlord has an obligation to act within a certain timescale to make repairs when needed.

If you suffer injury as a consequence of your landlord not caring for the property you rent as they should, you may be in a position to make housing disrepair claim or defective premises claim. 

Landlord Responsibilities

Your landlord has various responsibilities regarding the upkeep of the property they rent out. These include:

  • Ensuring the property meets fire safety regulations
  • Ensuring a boiler is working properly, and is safe
  • Carrying out building repairs to plasterwork, roofs and other areas
  • Repairing gas and water leaks
  • Tackling problems with mould and damp caused by disrepair

They may also have responsibility for:

  • Maintaining internal communal areas if your property is one of a number of properties on the same premises, such as an individual flat within a block of flats 
  • Maintaining your garden
  • Maintaining white goods in the home (washing machines, dishwashers etc)

Risks Arising From Poorly Maintained Properties

There are many risks that arise from living in homes that do not meet the proper health and safety standards. For example:

  • If leaks and subsequent damp are not tackled, homeowners could develop respiratory issues, including asthma
  • Poorly maintained plastering or brickwork could fall and cause a range of injuries, including broken bones and lacerations
  • Inadequately serviced or incorrectly fitted boilers can emit hazardous gases and have the potential to cause severe respiratory problems, and in the worst case scenario, fatalities
  • Poorly maintained white goods can be hazardous and may pose a fire risk.

If you or a loved one has been injured as a result of these or other scenarios, you are eligible to make a claim. Contact us on 0800 054 6570 to discuss your accident circumstances in more detail and get your claim underway.

Defective Premises Claims

You are also entitled to claim if your accident is caused by the breach of duty of a rental property's owner, even if you are not a resident in that building.

Claims can arise from individuals slipping or falling over due to spillages attributed to a house's plumbing system, illness caused by a leak inside the property and injuries as a result of falling plaster or brickwork.

Why Choose JMW?

We are highly experienced in helping people who have suffered because of failures on the part of their landlord. We will guide you through the entire process, providing the assistance you require every step of the way.

Making a claim against your landlord may appear daunting at first, but we are here to make sure the process remains as straightforward and stress-free as possible.

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To find out more, talk to our team now on 0800 054 6570 or get in touch with us using our online contact form. We have vast experience in dealing with tenant and landlord disputes in both the private and public sector, and are here to provide the support and advice you need to help you achieve the outcome you deserve.

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