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  1. I'm very grateful for their work
    I'm very grateful for their work

    Testimonial from Abigail Morrison's client who suffered from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome (HAVS).

    "I was first put in touch with the JMW Industrial Disease team after an internet search for personal injury claims. I wanted to know if I had grounds for a claim. When I spoke to Andy Lilley, he helped me to identify when my symptoms could be linked to my job as a Ceiling Fixer, and got the claim underway.

    "Later, Abigail Morrison took over my case and she worked tirelessly to get together all the evidence I needed to pursue the claim. Throughout my case, I felt like Abigail, Andy and the team were behind me 110%. They always kept me updated about what the other side were doing, about what a report might be saying about my case, everything. The case eventually had to go to court. Although that was a new experience for me, I felt completely confident about the day.

    "The JMW team helped me secure a great settlement which has really given me peace of mind for the future. I'm very grateful for their work and would certainly recommend them to anyone suffering from Hand Arm Vibration Syndrome."

    Mr K, North East England

  2. I think everything was fantastic

    "I'm very happy with what JMW has been able to do for me. Before Andy was on board, his colleague Abi made it so much easier for me in the case, because obviously it was such a traumatic time in the family. Her ability to make life so much easier at the start, was a great help to us."

    "Andy was always there in the background if I needed anything, and there were many times where I wondered what was going on, and both Andy and Abi were able to help with that. Our entire family were very happy too; they were involved in the case, and life was made easier for them, by JMW making life easier for me.
    "Andy and Abi kept me informed all the way, and that helped. They did make it so much easier from that side of things. I felt they've handled the case, and dealt with my family, sensitively.
    "I wouldn't change anything. I think everything was fantastic. I had contacted JMW before about another incident relating to my husband's exposure to asbestos. I'd approached another solicitor about the case, who didn't want to know and took a long time to deal with us, and by the time I contacted JMW, time had run out to make a claim. When my husband was diagnosed with mesothelioma I contacted JMW again, because I'd been happy with the way they'd dealt with me, and as soon as I was in touch with you, they took on the case, and were fantastic.
    "In Spain, the responsibility of taking care of loved ones who fall sick, falls to the family, so I effectively lived in the hospital for a month and did everything for my husband there. But because JMW was dealing with the claim and doing everything on my behalf, I didn't have any cause for concern in that area, because I could leave it to you. It really eased a burden for me.
    "All in all, I can say that you've been marvellous. There's nothing at all I would change and the whole process was a lot quicker than I thought it would be. This was just fantastic. I was kept informed all the way and were really very helpful, so that made life easier and made things a bit shorter.
    "I definitely would recommend JMW and Andy to others. If I got to know anyone who needs your help, I would pass the firm's name on without hesitation."

  3. understanding and very professional
    understanding and very professional

    A client of Aneela Ahmed who made a successful claim for industrial deafness after excessive noise exposure at work.

    ""I was made aware of the possibility of a case for industrial deafness by the doctor that carried out tests to my ears. He stated that the cause of my problem could and probably was brought on by exposure to loud noise incurred at work.""

    ""A couple of solicitors had turned me down doubting that I would have a chance of being successful. It was after a conversation with Andy Lilley that he decided to go for it, so thanks to him.""

    ""I was always kept informed as to the progress of the claim and all of the people I spoke to were very understanding and very professional. My experience was made much better when Aneela Ahmed became involved. She was so thorough and was constantly calling me to let know how things were moving so I owe her a huge thank you and wish her well for the future. She is a credit to your company.""

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