Mark Sutton

Job Title: New Business Supervisor

Location: Manchester

New Business Unit

Mark is a supervisor in JMW’s New Business Unit, who deals primarily with clinical negligence and personal injury matters, whilst also providing support to the other departments within the firm. He has been with the firm since November 2013 and has spent his time advising clients with clinical negligence claims, and other areas of law.

Mark also helps to support other departments by handling new business enquiries and ensuring that the clients’ needs are met to the highest standard.

Outside of work, Mark dedicates much of his time to playing the guitar and studying Portuguese. When at rest, he can usually be found reading books or wasting time on Netflix.

Why did you join JMW?

I love to help people. At JMW I have the opportunity to assist people who have suffered life changing events through no fault of their own. I also love with working with such a skilled and motivated team. I’d heard good things before applying for the job so I was ecstatic once I joined the firm.

Who would you...

Share a pint/stay in with/have cook for you:

I’d love to spend an evening jamming with the American musician John Mayer. He’s an extremely talented musician who has had great success, and seems like an all-round great guy. Who knows, maybe he can even cook!

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Working together

One of my colleagues in the New Business Unit is also a Mark, and we've often joined forces to bring great service to our clients.  

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