Case Study: Accidental Injury to Foot in Sports Store After Alarm Tag is Left in a Shoe

Miss J Received £1,000 Compensation

A woman has received £1,000 compensation after she injured her foot in a sports store after an alarm tag was left in her shoe.

A keen sportswoman in her early 20s, Miss J decided to enter a half marathon and wanted to buy a new pair of proper running shoes for the event, so went to a well-known sports store to make the purchase. 

The injury

When trying on a pair of shoes, she felt extreme pain in her foot. It transpired that part of the alarm tag was left in the shoe, and when she tried it, the pin went into the sole of her foot.

The claim

The store admitted it was their fault and offered Miss J £40 in compensation. Miss J contacted JMW and spoke to one of our solicitors who was confident that this amount could be significantly increased. Although the injury wasn’t very serious, it was inconvenient and it meant that Miss J was unable to run the marathon.

JMW's solicitor met resistance from the store’s insurers at every stage of the claim process. They initially offered £300 compensation, which was increased to £420 and then to £700. Miss J’s solicitor didn’t accept it, believing that her client’s case and her injury were worth more. 


Our solicitor decided to take the case to Court, but the day before going to Court, the store made Miss J an offer of £1,000, which she decided to accept. Miss J was really happy with the outcome and said it was all thanks to her solicitor’s determination.

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