Collette Scott Testimonial

Collette suffered extensive injuries when she was run over by a car. JMW helped her pursue a claim for compensation; watch her tell her story.

Video Transcript

Collette: I had an accident on the 10th May 2008, I was out with a group of netball friends that I play at uni with, it was our leaving match because it was our end of year, I was in my final year of exams, it was essentially a goodbye. I was crossing a road I had crossed, the police say, three quarters of the way, more or less stepping on the pavement when I was ran over. My elbow went through the windscreen I flew over the car and landed on my head and was knocked unconscious and stopped breathing.

Collette: I had a brain haemorrhage, a slight brain haemorrhage and I fractured my skull in two places, lacerated my chin, I broke both my cheekbones and broke my jaw in three places, I lost two teeth, I had a laceration to my elbow, I perforated my liver, both my legs were broke and both cruciate ligaments were badly damaged, one was stretched and one wasn’t there when they got to see it.

Collette: My cousin who works in the CPS, he suggested JMW, he said it’s a really good firm and I know myself it’s a really good firm, I’ve done work experience here before and I follow JMW, being trained in law myself I know it’s a really good firm.

Collette: Jason first came to my house after having made an enquiry online. He came to visit me in my home because I was unable to move at that point, I was still pretty much couch bound. He was really nice, he came and explained everything to me and then the service that I got straight after that I was explained everything in the letters I received, everything was really easy to follow and just made me feel really comfortable.

Collette: I had to re-do my third year in university and Jason made a point of saying you know, that, all the time that I’d had off and the head injury that I had sustained I had a brain haemorrhage at the end of the day and it has affected me long term, so he made a really good point that I might never become a solicitor and dealt with that brilliantly, I also have got really bad knees and won’t ever play netball again, I don’t think, which was one of my passions before.

Collette: Yeah, I would definitely recommend JMW, they’ve been my strength for the last 5 years, I think anyone that’s been injured or are looking to make a claim, JMW were perfect, they help you every step of the way and you’re never in the dark, you never [don’t know] what’s going on. They keep you informed all the time, there was never a point when I wondered “what’s happening with my claim?” or “where are we up to?” because they keep you informed, and like I say Jason’s a friend now so it’s nice to know you’ve got that on your side. 

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