Andrew Lilley and JMW were absolutely first class

Andy always listened, he committed an awful lot of his own time. He came to visit us during a family holiday. I told him he didn't have to do that, but he said it means that I can do what is necessary for the case. Andy and the team were absolutely first class...from the moment they were involved I had no concerns whatsoever. They were professional in everything they did, always communicated clearly, took control of everything. It was a lot of weight off my shoulders, when he took over it was a huge relief. The hard work and commitment of Andy has been premier league throughout the course of our case. If I had a question it was listened to, understood and things were explained to me. Everything was revisited, I was never left with questions on my mind, everything was clear and concise. If I were someone in the legal system and came up against this team in court, I would be scared for them. Andy never shied away from issues, but never pushed us. The way Andy and the team worked together was superhuman, they always had a plan B or something up their was like they were going into battle, they always knew the other side's moves, it said to me that the team knew this game inside out. The way that they approached this was so constructive, helpful and knowledgeable, it gave me masses of confidence that things would go as they should. I always had confidence that if I ever needed anything he would get back to me ASAP. Andy's commitment is second to none, what he has done is made someone's life better through his hard work, had he not had the skills he did, I don't know where we'd be now. He deserves an award. Ultimately, everything they have done has been first class, they had always done their homework, always had a plan, no second measures, everyone in the team knows their role, and they are just very good at what they do. Andy and the JMW team are committed, honest, open-minded, listened, constructive, driven...I could go on. What would I say is phenomenal.

Mr P

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